Thursday, November 21, 2013

Artist of the Day (Nov. 21, 2013)

Today's artist is Johnny Flynn.

While studying in the library, sometimes I get a little distracted by my Spotify account.  Browsing the homepage with so many suggestions, it's hard not to click on a few and see what happens.

Today when I got on to find some good studying music, Johnny Flynn was recommended to me because I listen to the Scottish alt. rock band Frightened Rabbit. After one click, I've listened to almost 10 of his songs.  It's mellow, poetic, soothing, and has a mystical darkness about it.  Flynn is an actor, poet, song-writer and a member of British folk group the Sussex Wit before becoming the frontman of the group.  His strong vocal range and methodical lyrics compliment his shy, boyish blonde-haired, blue-eyed presence on camera.  It's a great combination of intrigue and talent.

Here's a duet called "The Water" with Laura Marling. The lyrics are perfect for a dreary November afternoon in the library!


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