Thursday, July 25, 2013

midnight in new orleans

some poetry i stumbled upon in my notebook from this past semester.

the first one is me screwing around with the idea that cliches are unacceptable along with my love of music lyrics and the second one was gatsby inspired. 

night holiday

the bright side of the sun
isn't just another tile
in the floor:
you can judge this record
by it's cover
if you've eclipsed the maroon.
complex isn't
as complex doesn't-
you're uncomfortably 

here you are,
i wish you'd leave,
it's all apples and oranges
'til then.
Walk like heaven
but don't forget
Them and Us
in the fish bowl.

Red wine lips grooved
to the trumpet,
her Charleston shoes shimmering
into oblivion.
Just a beautiful little fool 
with daisies in her eyes.

Intimacy colored
the swirling midnight,
sapphire black and diamond lily.

Minty smoke whiskied her ear,
 "Listen. . ."
The hollowed enchantment 
floated outside,
haunting the lonely wanderer.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

porch sessions

getting back into the swing of things. literally. on my porch swing. with the guitar. puns. 

this is "3 rounds and a sound" by blind pilot.



Thursday, July 11, 2013

the (boy) rules

One of my best friends, Alex Taylor, and I were a huge fan of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. And by were, I mean we are. We started having "sisterhood" sleepovers in 7th grade and have been carrying them out to this day. These consist of ramen noodles, fresh fruit, candles, books, movies...the whole works,  Once in 9th grade we decided to make our own "rules" adapted from the rules in the books regarding the pants.  We had a pair of pants for a couple of years but oddly enough, I lost them at the beach when I went the summer after 9th grade. It was the weirdest thing because that's what happens in the 4th book. It's like it was meant to be. But anyway, we used to write inside the jeans about a significant event that happened or the date we wore them.  I often wonder who has them now. . .So the other night Al & I decided, as 21-year olds, it was time for a new set of rules.  Rules in relation to our current adulthood. Rules specifically focused on our current relationship statuses: the single life. Single for awhile, we have both been struggling with our identity and over the past year have gathered lots of information to help figure out where our true identity lies. Therefore, The (Boy) Rules: updated, was created.

10 July 2013

1. Remember that you are not inadequate.

2. Never change who you are to meet a boy's standards.

3. Don't feel like you have to prove yourself in order to show your worth.

4. Stop chasing-be pursued.

5. Don't overanalyze-just live, breathe and let things happen.

6. Be at peace with the relationship you're called to.

7. Know that God has a plan for you-even if that means a long time before marriage-or being single forever.  If something doesn't work out, know that it's for a reason and that something better is waiting for you.

8. Don't feel discouraged because a guy isn't interested. And don't think something is wrong with you because of that.  Trust in God's perfect will and timing.

9.  First and foremost, remember you are being pursued by the God of the universe.  Never forget you are a woman of God.

10. Most guys don't like make-up anyway; Love your natural beauty and the woman God has created in you.

11. Don't hide from who you are or who you were created to be, but instead, live that identity to its fullest.

12.  If something does work out, don't let that person become your source of happiness and joy.  Remain rooted and anchored in Christ.

13.  Never say something or portray something on social media that you wouldn't say or  be in person.

14.  Don't rely on clothing, make-up or other materialistic items to get a guy's attention.  Know that it's your heart, mind and soul that matter.

15.  Even when you're just "talking" with someone, pray for that person's heart and the calling from God that he is meant to be in the relationship with you.

16. Let the man take the lead and let them delight in you.  Let your guard down and give him the chance to know you.

17. Never settle for anything less than what you're worth.  Don't view boys as projects, find someone with the same morals and life purpose. You can't fix everyone.

18. Classy > trashy. ALWAYS.

19. Just because a guy is good-looking doesn't mean he has a good heart, too.  Search harder, trust in God to give you the perfect relationship.


Monday, July 8, 2013

more inspiration


Golden whiskey dusted
the valleys, between
shadowed peaks, still
in the sterling morning.

Nostalgia escaped
her lips, dancing
in the dewed air.

Woolen fingers wove
over cobblestoned paths;
a mossy history
awaiting discovery.

A thistle rested behind her ear,
the misty violet hue
cascading over the hinges
anchored in rusted stone.

Pines and willows reflected
in green waters, blue eyes,
harmony floating along the edges.

Still, steady-
the royal sun warmed
the distant hearts,
reaching the Sunday horizon.