Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a Fish

So it is official, all three of us gals from the indieattic have been accepted into our first choice Study Abroad programs.  I'm not sure how big of a deal this is because I have never heard of anyone not getting accepted to Study Abroad but people don't need to know that!  As far as I am concerned, this may just be the biggest deal in the world, but really it may be.  I purchased a customs and culture guide for Chile while I was in a two story Barns and Nobles in Baltimore.  I plan on hitting the book in a big way para estudiar mas informacion posible antes de viajar al sudamerica.

Anyway, if you happen to be one of those Westminster students who doesn't know the location of Chile, Scotland or South Africa... here is your starting point...

"A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world"  -John le Carre

Friday, March 23, 2012

just another manic monday

the cold metal of the desk presses into the padding of my almost squeaky clean feet; my tevas abandoned in a pile on the floor as I lounge out in the seat in front of me in Math Perspectives. a mug of freshly brewed coffee is in a perpetual embrace with my left hand as I secretly flip the new pages of Urbanclimber underneath my notebook. my jeans are cuffed just enough to expose the daisy chain ankle bracelet and my t-shirt clings slightly to my back, not with sweat but with just enough heat to know that spring is springing. don't be fooled by my stellar knit hat (borrowed from Kelco) -- that is not for warmth, just for bed-head.

I solved an equation by myself today. winning.
go solve something, 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

geeking out

i'm currently geeking out. but not the good kind. i'm not geeking out over a new ep of psych or community. i'm not geeking out over a bowl of ben & jerry's. i'm geeking out because i'm reading a stephen king novel-and it's scaring the CRAP out of me.

back in the day, as in my elementary-early high school years, i would freak out if any creak was made in my house while home alone.  i'd lock every door, window and proceed to place a chair in front of my door until my mom came home from work.  i would crank the music-but not too loud that it would block out the noise of an intruder. my cell phone would be clutched by my side.  i'd be cuddled under a blanket in my room, reading a book to try and remind myself that i wasn't home alone. the bathroom was never an option. forget about it. if i needed to pee, i'd find a place in my room to relieve myself.

now that i am 19 years of age and soon to be 20, i find myself once more in that vulnerable position.  i can honestly say it has been at least 3 years since i have been frightened while home alone, but tonight, is an exception. i'm freaking out just looking outside my window to look for my mom's car because i keep catching glimpses of my cat.  the house is dead silent but i keep hearing creaks, furnaces turning on, ice makers doing their job, and my heart beating way louder than it should be.  and it's all because i'm reading my first stephen king novel ever: the pet sematary.

First of all, my cat looks just like the one described in the novel.  Second of all, I live in a house by a busy route, with woods to my right that used to be explored frequently by me and my brother.  Third of all, the mom kinda reminds me of my mom. And the dad kinda of my dad. So that's enough to make the book scary. I'm only on page 78 and the scary part hasn't even happened yet-it's still building up! But my dad claims this is the scariest novel he has ever read and still thinks of it sometimes. he advised me not to read it but when someone tells me not to do something, i usually end up doing it because i'm curious.  he said i would have nightmares and would freak out owning a cat. so this is definitely a book for me, considering i love cats and have insomnia already on a daily basis. 

here i sit. drinking a weird concoction my mom made for me because i had a crap day: orange juice, raspberry cranberry juice and cotton candy vodka. literally tastes JUST like gummi worms. so weird. this might also be causing me to bug out a little bit. it's 2 a.m. and my mom still isn't home. my body aches. my heart is gonna pound out of my chest. i have to pee. i need a glass of water. i want to go to sleep. but there is no way i can do any of this until my mom gets home. i'm on lock down because i'm geeking out over a horror story.

welcome to my sad life,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

artist of the day

today's artist: the naked and famous

the naked and famous. the first time i heard "young blood" i thought it was a guy with a really high voice like phoenix's lead singer or empire of the sun's lead singer. but i was wrong for about a month until i watched the music video for the song. pretty much, this bands' songs are "feel-good." this one is called "punching in a dream." the vid is kinda weird, but i kinda like it. :)

rain rain go away,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

artist of the day

Flux Pavilion. UK Dubstep genius. It's too late in the evening for a full report but this is the song of the day because of this video I just watched:

Little did I know, or even care to investigate, that THIS is what Invisible Children has been about ever since I heard about them at a Death Cab concert this past summer. I'm ashamed for my ignorance, and wish I would have know sooner. It's sad that it took social media for me to realize that 30K kids are being enslaved in Uganda by Joseph Kony and the LRA. I ordered a bracelet. I have no money, but these children don't have LIVES. We need to STOP KONY. Cover the night 4/20/11. 

get informed. get involved. stop injustice. stop kony.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Artist of the Day

Today's artist: Wilco

I just started listening to Wilco this spring break...and let me tell ya, i'm pretty glad i did.  I know that Kelc was already a fan so they obvi had to be good :) So here is one of my favorites so far. 

And here is a quote i saw today while reading an article on Hello Giggles. It's so true. She took the words out of my mouth!

"We live in a world of instant gratification. We encourage the next generation to pick careers that are “safe” and “lucrative”. We stare at screens more than at the clouds. This concerns me. What will happen to us if we don’t nurture the inner craftsman, artist, musician or explorer? My fear is that by not nurturing the production of hand made items and art, our appreciation for quality as opposed to quantity  in life will go away."

happy monday,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

spring break/song of the day

Spring Break. Drunk every day. Half-naked every day.  Surrounded by horny college students every day.  Wet t-shirt contests every night. Waking up in a strange bed every morning. Typical college spring break, right? wrong.

Sure, some college students go to Panama City or Miami or Las Vegas or California for Spring Break. But not me.  Spring break is called a "break" for a reason.  It's meant to be a week of relaxation.  Get away from your homework for a bit. Sleep in. Recuperate. Read a book you actually want to. Veg out in front of the TV. Clean out your life.  Journal on a daily basis. Get back into an exercise swing.  Eat some healthy food.  Catch up with family members. Maybe see some high school friends.  Or go on a work trip. Do something for someone else. Get closer with nature. Get closer with God.

I think everyone needs a mental break every once in a while. And this spring break is mine.  my school year has been insane and it's time that i take a complete break from everything.  I have a LOT to do over break, but none of it will be a burden.  Reflection. Relaxation.  Meditation.  Exercise.  Baking.  Sewing. Crafting. Painting. Visiting.  Reading. TV-ing.  Applying.  Guitar-ing. I couldn't be more happy to have this time to myself.  Call me selfish, but i think it's important to hang out with yourself sometimes. So that's what i'm gonna do.  Shutting off my cell phone. Forgetting about facebook. Sitting outside. Writing some letters. Just doing things I don't have time to do at school.  I'm taking a break from life.

Here's the song of the day. no artist. just a song this time.

happy spring,