Friday, August 3, 2012

running down a dream

Running is my new thing. You can laugh at this statement because running was never my thing. I would honestly do anything to get out of running when I was involved in sports in high school.  I made lame excuses for skipping summer soccer training practices, I would walk when no one was looking, and I used my exercise-induced asthma as an excuse to stop running.  Now that I've taken a 2 year hiatus from physical activity (as in actually doing work-out, work-outs) I decided that it was time to do something good for my body.  I'm not trying to lose weight, I just want to be healthy again, especially since college food makes me feel like crap.  Alas, at the beginning of this summer I started working out at least 3 times a week. And let me tell ya, I've never felt so great! I have so much more energy; going for a run helps me feel active even when i spend the rest of laying outside reading a book.  I don't feel guilty about eating two bowls of ice cream, I actually don't mind putting on a swimming suit, and I'm even more motivated to do other things around the house like cooking, cleaning, crafting, re-modeling my room, and running errands.  It's all around positive and I'm so glad I got over my 'no-exercise' phase. Exercising is the best stress reliever in the world; it's the only time i don't think about anything else but what my body is doing: my breathing, muscles, & strokes.  I love how exhausted I feel immediately after a run, but how refreshed I feel after the adrenaline has died down. Nothing else in the world makes me feel like that.

Pearson park has a great trail for running-it challenges you with hills and is marked by the mile so you know how far you've ran.  It's also never too busy so I usually get the whole trail to myself. It's shaded so I don't have to worry about the sun slowing me down.  It's the perfect place to go running any time of day because of the shade! 
^^^I've had my eye on these shoes for the past 3 months, but $70 seems way too steep.  I haven't bought a new pair of running shoes for 3 years though, and I think the awesomeness of these will keep me active while in Scotland. It's probably smarter of me to spend $70 on these as opposed to a new pair of heels. 

stay active,


  1. i have started to run through vina and it is so wonderful. i wish i could take you to the empanada joint and we can order the 'bob marley' together. pun intended.

  2. you girls need toe shoes to run in just saying.