Friday, August 31, 2012

Desk Diaries and More.

 Living your life in a life that is not your own is an interesting feeling. Technically, it is still my life, and it is the life of my Chilean family as well.  I do not own this desk, the mug of tea or the lamp; but in the sense of the word, this is still my desk. Or was still my desk, for I am now moving to a new Chilean house where all of the things that don't belong to me will feel like new presents that certainly temporarily belong to me. Like the Desk Diaries, welcome to a little sliver of my daily routine and the place that I temporarily called my own. 

My desk and room in general were not capable of being messy for two reasons,  I don't have enough stuff to have it laying all over the place and 2 

my closet was so neat and fancy, and it mostly stayed like that

my calendar marking one important thing about the day, then sealing it with a wind rose stamp of traveling approval

goodbye desk by the window, who knows when I will have another spot like this, the answer is never. we take one place at a time and don't forget about it. to forget your own journey is tragedy in itself

the only things one truly needs to survive life in Chile, or anywhere as a matter of fact

what a normal dinner looked like because I always ate alone
there were multiple reasons that I had to move locations and find a new chilean house and family. But regardless, here I am on a new adventure, ready and not so ready to leave and readjust to everything that I once knew here. sometimes even if things aren't happy and positive, at least there is a routine in that, and leaving to new uncharted waters, well, I've always hated to swim. 

So here is my send off to the house on Condell street where I once had a month long stay, full of Maria Jose climbing on me and playing uno, Carlos telling me that girls here dont wear their hair like I do and that the men on the street are going to steal my $5 rubber watch, Claudia always asking me how I am and then walking away before I can say anymore than 'bueno,' Jaime making seafood and pisco sours on the weekends while smoking in the kitchen that I could taste in the food, getting food poisioning/stomach virus, seeing Vicente walk past me everyday and never understand that if we listen to the same music, we must be best friends, Rosita Manchita the orange tabby cat that joins me for morning walks, the man with glasses and dark curly hair that I make eye contact with every time I walk past his gourmet frozen food store, Laranza creating 5 yearold Maria Jose a facebook page and getting her into trouble, waiting for the metro every day, walking past the fresh fruit market man or Bimbo and not buying anything, slowly loosing my clothing in the washing, trying to find something to eat when everyone has already went to bed at 19:30, eating all the fruit in the house, waiting for 45 minuets to use the bathroom when I really have to pee, walking along Diego Portales and finding the beautiful lookouts to the sea. 

So it is with hesitation that I say I am SO EXCITED to move, because there will be some things that I truly miss, a lot. But here is to new changes and the decision has been made so here I go.

"I've been waiting for you..."


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  1. Not only was this well-written and creatively photographed, but the end was of course the best part of it all!

    I guess THIS is the true way to test and see if your friend is reading your blog: throw La Fragola in it and see if I notice ;) well played, Raquel.