Saturday, August 11, 2012

Song of the (One) Day

At one time in your life, a song will hit you. And when music hits you feel no pain. One Day by Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller) is  Jewish rapping, reggaeing, hip hop, beatboxing master born in good ol' Pennsylvania. Just look at that beard. 

But more important than a beard, this man has integrity. He lives his life not for himself and not just for God, but for all of humanity. I had a conversation with a stranger on the train about religion and spirituality because they saw that Proverbs 16:9 and 1 Peter 3:14 was written on my backpack. We talked about the 'constrains' with organized religion and how people prefer spirituality because it is not as messy as religion. Living with people is hard, but living with religion is even harder. And maybe for that exact reason, religion needs spirituality. Separate they mean very different things, but together they can create an entity that is bigger than the world itself, and truly, isn't that the whole point of religion? 

So, back to One Day, this song has so many applicable moments to life and religion in general. I have decided to sing the 'song of the day' (I would never have the audacity to call myself an artist) but hey, art is life and I am living. Maybe we are all artists. The world is out blank canvass, and religion is our paint brush, but we make the strokes. 

let's thank God we are breathing,


  1. so proud of you for this. this is what i mean when i say from time to time, "you are a cool person."

    ps i sang harmony along with your video.
    hope you're feeling better soon.