Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mi familia chileana

My Chilean Family
Claudia is married to Jaime
Jaime does not live at the house
Jaime lives with his mother (she has Alzheimers)
Claudia father, Carlos (91yrs) lives with us
Claudia and Jaime have a daughter, MariaJose
MariaJose loves cats, frenchfries and the game "Uno"
Claudia was married before and has two other kids
Vicente lives downstairs and I never see him (but he has a great taste in music)
Vicente eats his dinner at 12pm, he is 21 and maybe a Communist
Alanza live somewhere else, is 19 and plays on her iPhone and with Maria Jose
Sole and Jaime (different one) are a precious couple who always come over to eat
Jaime sang me a song called "Raquel" and we are now best guitar playing friends
Brenda is our maid and makes delicious carrot bread/cake, baked apples and lasagna
Alejandra was the ISA student who lived here before me
Rosita Manchita is the orange tabby cat who lives outside of my window

Also worth acknowledging, Pablo Neruda is everyone's adoptive Abuelo.

poetry (tilt of the head),

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