Friday, August 17, 2012

Books and Boxes

Today, with my friends Mary and Meghan, I went to the Mall. If you say that in Valparaiso or Vina, everyone will know you are talking about the duplex 4 floor shopping center, with a built-in movie theater and overlooking other mall and other movie theater, just begging to be included in its mass of consumerism. With that being said I purchased things, as a consumer does at a mall. At the mall I bought a pizza and a book.

Books are wicked expensive in Chile, WICKED expensive. We are talking like a mass printed JD Salinger paperback for a solid $20. But I had been looking for an inexpensive copy of The Hobbit to take with me in the States, and no cigar. Good thing because I have asthma anyway. So, after dropping $7.450 cp I am now the proud owner of, you guessed it ladies and gents...


oh hey there webcam, you just happened to catch me reading, the hobbit no doubt!

the sweater is also new, thanks for noticing. 

But this is no ordinary tale of epic adventure for little Biblo, oh no, he is part of my metaphorical journey into another world. Other than the fact that there is no ring to rule them all, my 5 year old sister looks nothing like Gollum nor a dragon that swipes open my lock box and steals all of my pesos, my journey, in that sense, is nothing like that in the prequel to the LOTR (except my door does have the doorknob in the center of it). But it is a story of a girl, living in a comfortable world, that is suddenly pushed out into new, great and terrible adventures. I hope to record at least some of them as eloquently as JRR Tolkien but, cut me some slack. Plus there are no dwarves or elves in my journey, so that is an automatic deduction of 357 points. 

Also, note worthy about the pizza eating experience, we could not finish the last 2 pieces of the pie and I went up to ask the worker if we could have a small box. The conversation went a little something like this... (translated of course)

Me: Excuse me ma'am, may I have a small box
Lady: For the pizza?
Me: Yes please, we have 2 slices left (only here i think I accidently said 'pages' rather than 'slices')
Lady: Did you like the pizza?
Me: Yes...
Lady: *Starts to laugh* Did you love the pizza? Enough to want to take it home with you?
Me: Um... yes...

Apparently in Chile, no one believes in take out, you eat what you want and then you get the heck out of there. Those 2 'pages' of pizza that could have been eaten while watching a movie and writing a blog post... throw them away. Now. So mind your manners and eat up kid. 

More to post on El Hobbit, nothing more to post about pizza, 

eat up buttercup, 

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  1. the hobbit is wonderful! it is my favorite book. and i miss you. and enjoyed ur story about pizza. and postema says yo. and when u get back we are speaking alot in spanish so i dont loose it.