Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why I Should Be a GlobaLinks Correspondent

GlobaLinks Correspondent Application

At the end of January, I will be on my way to Stirling, Scotland to study abroad at the University of Stirling for my second semester.  In the fall of 2012 I had the chance to study abroad in Stirling and loved it so much, that I did everything I could to get myself back on a plane to the UK.

While abroad in 2012, I had an incredible experience but found it was very difficult to explain to so many friends and family from home with only a limited amount of contact.  Because of this, my roommates and I started a shared blog before our departure since we would all be studying abroad during the same semester and wanted a way to keep in contact with people from home.  We were able to document the important parts of our trip while also working on our writing and communication skills.  I am looking forward to blogging again while in Scotland this spring and the Correspondent Program looks like a way for me to expand my blog and video skills to more than just friends and family.  Sometimes some of our biggest inspirations come from stories told by strangers and this would be a way for me to share my own stories to more than my personal acquaintances.

Writing is not only a part of my studies as an English major, but also my favorite form of creative expression.  Being a correspondent for GlobaLinks would also be beneficial for my career goal of writing for a magazine or newspaper publication by continuing to practice different ways of writing and communicating.  I am also interested in working on my video blog skills because I haven't had too much experience creating any in the past.  The combination of picture and sound can really add to the explanation of certain journeys.

As a former study abroad student, I learned how beneficial it is to study, travel and socialize outside of our comfort zones.  I could offer a new perspective to the correspondent program as a returning student, comparing and contrasting my two different experiences while abroad.  I'm excited to see what else I can learn and how else I can grow during my second trip.

Travel lightly,
Hillary Leslie

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Reads

In less than 2 weeks, I will be on a 6-week-long Christmas vacation. Can I get a 'hallelujah?!' Unfortunately it will be bittersweet (I think bittersweet might be my favorite word. . .and chocolate flavor).  This is my last Christmas break that will probably last longer than 7 days.  I'm never going back to Westminster to study, and I will be leaving the US for another 4.5 months.  Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely ecstatic to be going back abroad, but it's hard to imagine another phase of my life is coming to an end.

In order to stop thinking about the inevitable, escaping into the world of literature is a good place to start.  December is perfect for cozy-ing up next to the fire with steaming hot cocoa, light folk music, and a tattered used book recently released from its sparkly red Christmas wrapping. I know I'm ready.  And since working at summer camp hindered the completion of my book list (in addition to Capstone taking up my "fun" reading), a lot of these books were from my list created this past June. 

1. Until the End - Christopher Pike
2. Bones of Betrayal - Jefferson Bass
3. After the Funeral - Agatha Christie
4. A Study in Scarlet and the Sign of Four-Arthur Conan Doyle
5. The Princess Bride - William Goldman
6. This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald
7. Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth GIlbert
8. The Naming of the Dead - Ian Rankin
9. Extras - Scott Westerfeld
10. Endless Night - Agatha Christie
11. Mere Christianity-C.S. Lewis
12. Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury
13. Captivating-John Eldredge
14. The Poisonwood Bible-Barbara Kingsolver
15. Blue Highways - William Heast Moon
16. Any remaining Nancy Drew novels in my room
17. Danse Macabre - Stephen King
18. The House of the Scorpion - Nancy Farmer
19. Lemony Snicket: The unauthorized autobiography
20. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving in Scotland

Meant to post this yesterday but got a tad distracted while cooking :) This was in The Globe yesterday!

’Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the town, Americans were stirring, shopping around.  The Scotsmen were snugged in their beds without care, about to experience a day of great share.

On this day last year, I woke up at 6 in the morning, caught the earliest bus to town, and headed over to my American friend Tori’s flat to do some serious cooking.  Cooking mass amounts of food like never before — especially for Tori, who wasn’t much of a chef, let alone learning how to cook a complete Thanksgiving meal for 16 non-Americans.  It was a learning experience for both of us on multiple different levels and a true moment of realizing how far our friendship had grown. Doesn’t the saying go “Friends who cook together stick together?”

The night before the big event, Tori and I scrambled to find ingredients for the classic Thanksgiving staples. “Pureed pumpkin?” the Tesco worker stared with confusion, “We only have pumpkins around Halloween. . .” 

“Fried onions? Like sautéed onions? I don’t know what you mean. Let me ask the manager.”  

“Well, there’s this boxed stuffing that might work. . .”

So pumpkin pie was out of the question, the green bean casserole tasted a little bit more exotic, and the usually hearty stuffing was more akin to a baby food texture, but in spite of all the mishaps, by the grace of God alone (and maybe the help of Food Network), it was the most successful meal of my cooking career.  We had one 10 lb. turkey stuffed with vegetables, two turkey breast rolls, a vat of creamy mashed potatoes, two green bean casseroles, bread rolls, cranberry sauce, an apple pie, an apple cake, stuffing and gravy.  

After a 14-hour day spent cooking, watching American football on Jonny’s TV, streaming a Thanksgiving episode of “Friends,” and eating, drinking and laughing with 16 dear friends, I learned what Thanksgiving means to me.  It’s about being thankful for old friends, new friends, old traditions, and new traditions and the opportunity to share life with others, mashing together a bowl of delicious memories. 

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for my parents, for encouraging my love of cooking (from my dad) and my love of baking (from my mum).  If it wasn’t for their inspiration as a kid, spending my weekends and school vacations oohing and aah-ing at their skills in the kitchen, I never would’ve been able to pull-off this American tradition unknown to my new found friends in Scotland.  And even though Tori wasn’t well-versed in culinary lingo, she was the perfect side kick, helping me assemble multiple dishes with a calm and cheerful attitude.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Artist of the Day (Nov. 21, 2013)

Today's artist is Johnny Flynn.

While studying in the library, sometimes I get a little distracted by my Spotify account.  Browsing the homepage with so many suggestions, it's hard not to click on a few and see what happens.

Today when I got on to find some good studying music, Johnny Flynn was recommended to me because I listen to the Scottish alt. rock band Frightened Rabbit. After one click, I've listened to almost 10 of his songs.  It's mellow, poetic, soothing, and has a mystical darkness about it.  Flynn is an actor, poet, song-writer and a member of British folk group the Sussex Wit before becoming the frontman of the group.  His strong vocal range and methodical lyrics compliment his shy, boyish blonde-haired, blue-eyed presence on camera.  It's a great combination of intrigue and talent.

Here's a duet called "The Water" with Laura Marling. The lyrics are perfect for a dreary November afternoon in the library!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poetry Corner

Within and Without

When do we stop floating?
Do birds ever settle
in one place?
I flit, I flee, I disappear.

Are humans like doves?
Innocent creatures
bound to one soulmate-
two souls, settled forever.

I don't belong here,
I don't belong there;
I float along the parallel,
within and without
the sky, a hopeful friend.

Pillowing pink clouds
arouse romantic feelings;
the littlest things
satisfy a wandering soul.

But even the sky disregards
a wingless bird,
drifting, drifting,
constantly drifting.

When do I stop floating?
When will I be a dove?
Wingless birds drift,
lusting for another branch, another home, another soul.

I flee on my feet,
I flit through pages
I disappear on planes,
a wingless bird trying to fly.

wingless birds
don't have a home
wingless birds
travel alone.


Monday, September 30, 2013

lather, rinse, repeat

It looks like the same form.  It looks like the same program. It looks like the same country. It is the same country, but it isn't the same country.

It's finally official, I've re-applied to study abroad for another semester at the University of Stirling after my completion of studying for 2 further semesters at Westminster.

Yep.  I'm lathering myself with Scottish shampoo again.  I'm repeating the second wash that a lot of study abroad students don't bother with.  I'm actually going back to the same school, in the same country, more than a year after my first journey abroad.

Some of the biggest questions/comments I've received are as follows:

"Will it be the same?"
"So, who's the guy you're going back for?"
"But you'll miss the last semester of your senior year!!"
"Aren't you sad to be leaving Westminster?"
"You aren't gonna graduate on time, are you?"
"Why do you wanna go back to the same country? Couldn't you go somewhere else?"
"Why do you want to leave Wesminster?"
"Won't you miss us?"

And the answer is always "Yes or No. It's the last chance all of my friends will be in the same place in the UK, and the classes fit my interests better. I also might want to live there someday so I need to go back to decide if that's still the case."

Everyone is getting a little fired up about it, but I haven't even been officially accepted.  Yes, I will miss a lot from back home, that's always going to be the case.  But I have the rest of my life to live in western PA...I've already been doing it for 21 years, I think it's okay if I leave for 4 months again.

So I'm lathering, rinsing, and repeating. And it feels pretty good.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Artist of The Day

It's been practically eons since I last posted an "Artist of the Day" blog, but I couldn't resist after I re-discovered the Ryan Gosling band that sprang up in 2009.  Somehow I'd forgotten about their incredibly creative self-titled album.

Dead Man's Bones is a rock duo consisting of critically acclaimed actor Ryan Gosling and his friend, Zach Shields.  Gosling and Shields take turns on vocals and both switch up instruments for different songs on the album.  They met in 2005 and discovered they shared a mutual obsession with ghosts and a mutual love for music.  Because of this, they decided to write a love story about ghosts and monsters in a musical format but when that fell through, they made an album instead.  The album features the Silverlake Conservatory of Music's children choir.

So what is so great about Dead Man's Bones besides the beautiful face of Ryan Gosling and his attractive musical partner? Their creativity.  I haven't heard a track of music like this for quite some time.  Every song offers a different experience for the listener.  And as a fan of horror movies, crime novels and dark plot lines, the eeriness behind every track was pleasantly fascinating.  Each time I listen through the album I get something different out of it.  And not to mention, it's the perfect album to listen to on a dreary fall day with a cup of pumpkin coffee, a Bath & Body Works "Leaves" scented candle and a big, cozy sweater.

The above song isn't on their album, but this one is called "Name in Stone." I'm a huge fan of the film noir feel the video has.

I've been wanting to hear them perform live (and how awesome would it be to go to a Halloween-themed concert with a costume?!) but the only light I could shed on their touring situation was in the below article.

Hill xx

Friday, August 16, 2013

Senior Year

So. Senior Year.
I may or may not be in denial over the fact that graduation is in May. ALREADY.
After spending a summer working at Camp and having time to ponder life and the future in a kayak in the middle of the lake, I have realized that I shouldn't really be all that worried over what my future is going to hold. I have come to the realization that I need to stop worrying so much over what the year is going be like and what will come after graduation. I really just need to put all my trust in God knowing that He has a plan for me. As much as I want my future to be handed to me in a neat little envelope all figured out and stress free, you and I both know that it doesn't exactly work like that. The bible verse that has been my computer background for the last few months has been sitting in the back of my brain is Psalm 31:24, which reads:

 Be brave.
Be strong.
Don't give up.
Expect God to get here soon.
But it is totally true. He really does answer our prayers in the quietest ways. Even though there are times when I just want Him to scream what He has in store for me, He is whispering His plan for me the quietest He can.
So as I run around my house like a chicken with my head cut off making sure I have packed everything I will want to have at school. I need to just BREATHE. and remind myself to keep breathing. and know that my future is there, patiently waiting for me to figure out what it is.
for now.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

midnight in new orleans

some poetry i stumbled upon in my notebook from this past semester.

the first one is me screwing around with the idea that cliches are unacceptable along with my love of music lyrics and the second one was gatsby inspired. 

night holiday

the bright side of the sun
isn't just another tile
in the floor:
you can judge this record
by it's cover
if you've eclipsed the maroon.
complex isn't
as complex doesn't-
you're uncomfortably 

here you are,
i wish you'd leave,
it's all apples and oranges
'til then.
Walk like heaven
but don't forget
Them and Us
in the fish bowl.

Red wine lips grooved
to the trumpet,
her Charleston shoes shimmering
into oblivion.
Just a beautiful little fool 
with daisies in her eyes.

Intimacy colored
the swirling midnight,
sapphire black and diamond lily.

Minty smoke whiskied her ear,
 "Listen. . ."
The hollowed enchantment 
floated outside,
haunting the lonely wanderer.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

porch sessions

getting back into the swing of things. literally. on my porch swing. with the guitar. puns. 

this is "3 rounds and a sound" by blind pilot.



Thursday, July 11, 2013

the (boy) rules

One of my best friends, Alex Taylor, and I were a huge fan of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. And by were, I mean we are. We started having "sisterhood" sleepovers in 7th grade and have been carrying them out to this day. These consist of ramen noodles, fresh fruit, candles, books, movies...the whole works,  Once in 9th grade we decided to make our own "rules" adapted from the rules in the books regarding the pants.  We had a pair of pants for a couple of years but oddly enough, I lost them at the beach when I went the summer after 9th grade. It was the weirdest thing because that's what happens in the 4th book. It's like it was meant to be. But anyway, we used to write inside the jeans about a significant event that happened or the date we wore them.  I often wonder who has them now. . .So the other night Al & I decided, as 21-year olds, it was time for a new set of rules.  Rules in relation to our current adulthood. Rules specifically focused on our current relationship statuses: the single life. Single for awhile, we have both been struggling with our identity and over the past year have gathered lots of information to help figure out where our true identity lies. Therefore, The (Boy) Rules: updated, was created.

10 July 2013

1. Remember that you are not inadequate.

2. Never change who you are to meet a boy's standards.

3. Don't feel like you have to prove yourself in order to show your worth.

4. Stop chasing-be pursued.

5. Don't overanalyze-just live, breathe and let things happen.

6. Be at peace with the relationship you're called to.

7. Know that God has a plan for you-even if that means a long time before marriage-or being single forever.  If something doesn't work out, know that it's for a reason and that something better is waiting for you.

8. Don't feel discouraged because a guy isn't interested. And don't think something is wrong with you because of that.  Trust in God's perfect will and timing.

9.  First and foremost, remember you are being pursued by the God of the universe.  Never forget you are a woman of God.

10. Most guys don't like make-up anyway; Love your natural beauty and the woman God has created in you.

11. Don't hide from who you are or who you were created to be, but instead, live that identity to its fullest.

12.  If something does work out, don't let that person become your source of happiness and joy.  Remain rooted and anchored in Christ.

13.  Never say something or portray something on social media that you wouldn't say or  be in person.

14.  Don't rely on clothing, make-up or other materialistic items to get a guy's attention.  Know that it's your heart, mind and soul that matter.

15.  Even when you're just "talking" with someone, pray for that person's heart and the calling from God that he is meant to be in the relationship with you.

16. Let the man take the lead and let them delight in you.  Let your guard down and give him the chance to know you.

17. Never settle for anything less than what you're worth.  Don't view boys as projects, find someone with the same morals and life purpose. You can't fix everyone.

18. Classy > trashy. ALWAYS.

19. Just because a guy is good-looking doesn't mean he has a good heart, too.  Search harder, trust in God to give you the perfect relationship.


Monday, July 8, 2013

more inspiration


Golden whiskey dusted
the valleys, between
shadowed peaks, still
in the sterling morning.

Nostalgia escaped
her lips, dancing
in the dewed air.

Woolen fingers wove
over cobblestoned paths;
a mossy history
awaiting discovery.

A thistle rested behind her ear,
the misty violet hue
cascading over the hinges
anchored in rusted stone.

Pines and willows reflected
in green waters, blue eyes,
harmony floating along the edges.

Still, steady-
the royal sun warmed
the distant hearts,
reaching the Sunday horizon.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

campity camp camp camp

Blistering in the cracks,
the twisted black promise
drips with salt.
Double back, lock, fly,
"Don't look down."

Weathered trust reaches down;
wearied faith reaches up.
Calm whispers lilt over the shoulders . . .
loosen the fear rusted at the hips.
Red, clip, step off.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

summer books 2013

The infamous summer book list for Hillary. Only completed one so far! Camp might slow down the process but I'm hoping to get through at least half. 


1. The Shining- Stephen King
2. Joyland - Stephen King
3. Until the End - Christopher Pike
4. Have A Little Faith - Mitch Albom
5. Bones of Betrayal - Jefferson Bass
6. After the Funeral - Agatha Christie
7. A Study in Scarlet and the Sign of Four-Arthur Conan Doyle
8. The Princess Bride - William Goldman
9. Lock & Key - Sarah Dessen
10. This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald
11. Henrietta Lacks (FRESH START :( )
12. Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth GIlbert
13. The Hobbit-J.R.R. Tolkien
14. Killer's Kiss - R. L. Stine
15. Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury
16. The Naming of the Dead - Ian Rankin
17. Extras - Scott Westerfeld
18. Endless Night - Agatha Christie
19. The Stones We Carried - Stacey Pardoe
20. Mere Christianity-C.S. Lewis
21. Let Me Be A Woman-Elisabeth Elliot
22. Captivating-John Eldredge
23. The Poisonwood Bible-Barbara Kingsolver
24. Catch 22-Joseph Heller
25. A Wrinkle In Time-Madeline L'Engle


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

grave interests

memorial day is a day to remember soldiers we've lost in battle. a day to remember family members in the service. or just a day to remember dead friends and family.

this past memorial day my dad and i decided going on a little graveyard crawl would be fun. yes, fun. one of my creepy interests is exploring graveyards.  it's such a beautiful tradition, honouring the dead with plaques, stones, buildings, flowers. i give props to the first person who thought burial grounds were a good idea. graveyards are beautiful-and the older they are, the better. here are a few shots of our little adventure.

boarded-up chapel

mausoleum from afar

stained glass inside a mausoleum

lions guard the tomb

my great, great grandparents

out of death, comes life

grandpa's war memorial plate

grandpa's resting place and grandma's claimed spot

great great grandparents

great grandparents

my uncle ron

my dad's great grandparents

the chapel from the front
beautiful mausoleum

main cemetery mausoleum

hills xx

Friday, May 24, 2013

spring cleaning

I was going to post something about summer earlier this week...but I think I might just have to type up this little ditty I found in my room while doing my annual end of the school year spring cleaning :)

Random journal entry without a date (I'm approximating 8th grade on this one..) **no grammar/spelling edits**

"There are a lot of things you may not know about me.  I don't really tell everything but maybe your interested. lol. Well first off I like a lot of weird things.  I believe I should have lived back in the 1920s because I love a lot of things from back then. I'm fascinated by circus's and I like circus music and merry-go round music.  I just absolutely HATE clowns though.  I like watching all the jugglers and trapeze ppl and all the "freaks" (I don't know why I love that stuff) I also LOVE watching magic on TV and in person so I'm so fascinated by and I like to believe its real even though it isn't.  I also like reading mystery books because I like detective workd-hence the fact I like Nancy Drew games.  I could stay up for hours watching magic or nancy drew-ish type things.  I love to watch huge snow flakes fall outside very slowly but I dislike winter.  I also like to sled ride but never got a lot of chances to do it.  I also really enjoy sad-love movies that are actually worth watching and that aren't stupid (the notebook, a walk to remember) I could spend hours at an amusement park by myself or with a friend riding all the rides and rollercoasters and pigging out I would love to do that (especially at night when everything is so pretty and lit up) I've always wanted to live right on the beach and wake up every morning and put my feet in the warm sand and splash in the water and watch the sunset every night and go scuba diving.  I also think it would be very cool ro live in a lighthouse lol. I hate piano lessons yet I love playing the piano and making up songs. I like getting into really good books because I fell like I'm there and I can see everything and smell all the things that I imagine and I love having an imagination otherwards life would be boring.  I love to sing but get so nervous in front of ppl. I've always wanted to be in plays or a broadway actress but am to stage frightened."

Sometimes it's funny to look back on yourself a few years ago and see where you still stand with what you've said about yourself. Can't say much has changed here, I love how much I could find joy out of those simple pleasures while as i get older it seems to be harder to remember those little things that made me so content.


Saturday, March 9, 2013


this is the first song i've officially memorized the chords and lyrics for on the guitar

it's obviously justin timberlake because he's just the best. and he's releasing a new album so i couldn't help myself.

turning pop into acoustic is hard when you suck at strumming but i tried my best-so here's my first recording.


Friday, March 1, 2013

and a view, with a window

if there is no discovery in your writing, there is a good chance your writing has already died.

aqua, mustard, coralplaceless anxiety seems to be the best kind because you can do whatever you want because you learn to be uncomfortable with discomfort.

if you want to communicate pick up the phone, there are far better ways to do that than a poem.

how am i going to kill it? i will explain it.

exceptionally true or subtly false. that is spending time with the beautiful.

fiction can hold a truth because it is just a snap shot and it can be perfect.

when you find someone you love, you have to love them with truth and leave the accuracy away because that can hurt people.

thoughts from a profe and my brain, mixed together,

Monday, February 18, 2013

a poem about war

Thrusting my hand into the barrel
I scrapped it off with my teeth
began chewing on gun powder
grit of regret rubs my gums raw

rows in a garden grow like soldiers
planting my feet with flowers
trying not to be strangled by weeds.

Broken glass turns to sand
castles protected by a trench
full of watered down blood.


Thursday, February 14, 2013



The dead of night glittered
with possibility, but I
questioned your existence.
Bumps rippled over nearly
naked bodies breaking
the liquid crystalisation.
Your deep shadows engulfed
my fragile frame. Water
droplets danced
on your eyelashes;
I disappeared
into darkness.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

breathe think drink

a poem by rachael:

lavender oil drips into
cold lunar bowls, exhale

darkness scatters from bare toes
warriorlike air rings
vibrating over sitar chatter
silence lunges forward
childlike forehead creases
relax, go inwardly down

a poem by kelcey:

Fake are our surroundings
Distant are our thoughts
Disguised are our exits
Flipped are we
and our brains, in knots,
Thinking in waves
that erode our reality
from beneath our feet

a poem by hillary:

cold counter, warm cup of tea.
 thinking, reminiscing, worrying.
a homesick wanderlust, yes-
relax, sip the nectar.
where do i go from here?

misty retinas, queasy stomach,
"i can't sleep," silently whispered.
a simple elegance between
crisp sheets, blurred dreams.
when will i see you?

i'm ready.

in peace,

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 (part 3)

2012 was an..interesting year for me. Through many trials and tribulations that I faced, I realized that there are a lot of things in my life that I am both pleased with and things in my life that need to be changed. Some of these things are external in the way that I go through life, and yet, some of these things are internal and will take quite a while to change. I have been brainstorming quite a few resolutions that I'm hoping with the help of the other IndieAttic ladies, I will be able to stick to these resolutions.

1. Actually play my guitar on a regular basis.

2. Yoga. Yoga Yoga. (Maybe actually put my mat to good use instead of having it chill in my closet)

3. Find time to find God. Reconnect with the things that make me who I am.

4. Surround myself with friends in face-to-face conversations, not social media conversations.

5. Correctly learn how to rock climb!

6. Read 50 books.
7. Start a healthy work out routine and get in better shape for me, not for society.
 start the next chapter of life out right.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

love today

today I went to shave my legs and then I realized I didn't have the time. too many things to do.
this is what happened today. 

1) packed all of my 'teacher' clothes and scrambled to find an outfit (and yelled at my mom in the process, sorry madre, love ya)
2) went to elementary school for the last day and was given a beautiful "we will miss you" poster from my students. Gotta love 5th and 6th grade Learning Support! 

3) read some The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist-Fight in Heaven, prose about life on an Indian Reservation. 
4) conversation during science class today:
Teacher: "To build muscle, you need to eat food high in..."
Student 1- "cornsyrup"
Teacher: "No, you couldn't be further from the answer"
Student 2- "elevation!"
Teacher: "No, you can eat your food down low too"
Student 3- "cholesterol?"
Teacher: "Uh, no. Guys, please. Don't just spew out the first phrase that
comes into your mind! You are not even thinking!" 

5) watched some Spanish television to practice mi idioma. 
6) helped my dad fix the brakes in his Jeep. who knew brakes are controlled by fluid? I sure didn't. And power steering liquid... look at me go. 
7) finished packing my room away to move into the indieattic2.0 (get excited!!)
8) ate all the green peppers in the fridge.  
9) read about the 14th amendment and read this good article
10) nice breathing meditation yoga to end the day. ooommmm

love today, 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

sleepless sounds

cold counter, warm cup of tea.
thinking, reminiscing, worrying.
one part homesick, the other wanderlust.
where is home?

black sky, white snow-glittering.
number three on the TV.
hoping, praying, longing.
how many more?

misty retinas, queasy stomach.
time stands still, the clock ticks.
"i can't sleep," silently whispered.
when will i see you?

blurred dreams, scattered ambitions.
faith in a crooked smile.
gather thoughts, find a path.
where do i go from here?

i'm ready.


Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 (part 2)

Hopefully we can get Kelc and Meg to post their resolutions, too :)

2012 was by far the best year of my life.  a lot of bad things happened, a lot of good things happened; i learned, i cried, i smiled, i struggled, i laughed, i wandered, i wondered, and most importantly i rediscovered. 2013 will be the year when i put into action all of the things i learned in 2012 but haven't necessarily acted upon as of yet. i would love to better my mind, body and soul in order to create a consistent happy aura for myself and those around me. here are the overall goals:

1. journal daily

2. find a positive outlook even when i'm surrounded by negativity

3. eat more fruits and vegetables

4. work out to get the stress out

5. let go of my feelings of fear and failure

6. work harder on relationships with friends and family

7. take a yoga class (or teach one)

8. set aside an hour each day to breathe, relax, & reflect

9. learn to play at least 10 songs on the guitar

10. read all of the bible