Thursday, January 10, 2013

love today

today I went to shave my legs and then I realized I didn't have the time. too many things to do.
this is what happened today. 

1) packed all of my 'teacher' clothes and scrambled to find an outfit (and yelled at my mom in the process, sorry madre, love ya)
2) went to elementary school for the last day and was given a beautiful "we will miss you" poster from my students. Gotta love 5th and 6th grade Learning Support! 

3) read some The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist-Fight in Heaven, prose about life on an Indian Reservation. 
4) conversation during science class today:
Teacher: "To build muscle, you need to eat food high in..."
Student 1- "cornsyrup"
Teacher: "No, you couldn't be further from the answer"
Student 2- "elevation!"
Teacher: "No, you can eat your food down low too"
Student 3- "cholesterol?"
Teacher: "Uh, no. Guys, please. Don't just spew out the first phrase that
comes into your mind! You are not even thinking!" 

5) watched some Spanish television to practice mi idioma. 
6) helped my dad fix the brakes in his Jeep. who knew brakes are controlled by fluid? I sure didn't. And power steering liquid... look at me go. 
7) finished packing my room away to move into the indieattic2.0 (get excited!!)
8) ate all the green peppers in the fridge.  
9) read about the 14th amendment and read this good article
10) nice breathing meditation yoga to end the day. ooommmm

love today, 

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