Wednesday, January 23, 2013

breathe think drink

a poem by rachael:

lavender oil drips into
cold lunar bowls, exhale

darkness scatters from bare toes
warriorlike air rings
vibrating over sitar chatter
silence lunges forward
childlike forehead creases
relax, go inwardly down

a poem by kelcey:

Fake are our surroundings
Distant are our thoughts
Disguised are our exits
Flipped are we
and our brains, in knots,
Thinking in waves
that erode our reality
from beneath our feet

a poem by hillary:

cold counter, warm cup of tea.
 thinking, reminiscing, worrying.
a homesick wanderlust, yes-
relax, sip the nectar.
where do i go from here?

misty retinas, queasy stomach,
"i can't sleep," silently whispered.
a simple elegance between
crisp sheets, blurred dreams.
when will i see you?

i'm ready.

in peace,

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