Thursday, January 3, 2013


Even worse than the discussion of New Year's Resolutions are the complaints of those who don't believe in NYR. So you don't have to worry about either, I made a Resolution list for your eyes more than for the content because, honestly, who really cares about what I have to say (blog post for another day)

Rachael's 2013 Resolutions

1. practice yoga for my mind as well as my body
2. finish my Chile reflection journal
3. drink more tea

4. work out for natural energy
Doing push ups in this position is killer for the obliques! Aim for 30 reps on each side daily. Tone your arms and your abs.
5. complain less, even if Im just complaining about others complaining :)

6. find places and people to practice my Spanish communication

7. turn my millions of poetry/lyrics into songs on the guitar
Picasso's Guitar, Sheet Music, and Wine Glass
8. eliminate 1/3 of my possessions (mainly clothing and those strange things I pick up from goodwill)

9. write more letters to friends and family
love letters
10. make sunday the sabbath (go to church here/pittsburgh) and state parks

those are just what come to mind,

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