Thursday, December 27, 2012

take a book, its in a book

Warm clothes and hot drinks...

winter break to me was always sacred. they were times where I got to sit on the counter top and watch and sometimes help my mom make spritzer cookies like a good little German or sled-riding in the neighbors field and eating popcicles with a runny nose after being so cold for so long or waiting for my sister to come home from college while drinking hot chocolate that slowly progressed into coffee.

warm drinks

each winter I came up with something to occupy my time, I am good at that, if nothing else. I am the queen of hobbies, jack of all trades, master of none.. or mediocre master of all. I seem to love everything and dabble in most activities, rock climbing to harmonica, knitting to baking, sewing to photography, painting to lifting weights, yoga to poetry, hiking to scrapbooking, singing to writing. but there is the problem, I can never focus on just one thing. and maybe that is good (I can always seem to offer something to every conversation I am in) but I am constantly searching for something, something that 'clicks' and I know that that thing is what I want to pursue for the rest of my life.

Serve Hot Spiced Cider in adorable apple mugs for a cute warming drink! More apple cider recipes:

but I am at a stand still as to what to try next, and I thought to myself, maybe slowing down and going back to basics would be best for me this winter break. maybe I was too busy 'doing' and less busy 'learning.' (a humble thing for a future teacher to admit) so I am reaching out to books. lots of books, and I have a list.

cozy  sweater  coffee  lazy

so grab your coffee and blanket and goodwill sweater and snug up on a chair or a couch and enjoy...

  1. the bell jar- sylvia plath
    the poet "victoria lucas'" one and only novel before shutting her head in the oven. a trippy book about mental illness and well, Im not sure, thats why I want to read it. 
  2. the bhagava gita
    700 verse scripture from Hindu tradition. I just wanna get my philosophy on.
  3. where things come back- john corey whaley
    my guilty pleasure of john green(ish) novels and teenage angst, getting second chances and sarcasm.
  4. the life of pi- yann martel
    my friend Kami's favorite book. Its about a tiger and they made into a movie ive never seen. 
  5. the chronicals of chrestomancy- diana wayne jones 
    I love fantasy novels, no shame at all. dragons and magic and warlocks and solid writing.

    #book portal
  6. the tortilla curtain- t c boyle 
    I like the title and it has something to do with Mexico and Spanish. I just ordered this from amazon for one cent. it should be here in January
  7. travel writing- peter ferry 
    a book I found for $2 at a Walden books liquidation. It had travel on the cover and a typewritter. sold. It dances around the themes of reality and fiction and how often that distinction is irrelevant. 
  8. a room with a view- e m forester
    a romantic and emotional and optimistic book, unlike a passage to India, which I loved but saddened me. or maybe that was my 25page research paper I wrote about that novel. 
  9. snows of kilimanjaro- ernest hemingway
    I love mountains, I want to climb Kilimanjaro and I love hemingway's simple syntax. 
  10. driving to the end of the world- mark mcmahon
    ordered impulsively off of amazon, it is about a man in a minimidlifecrisis and drives from New Mexico to Patagonia, Chile (or Argentina) 
  11. a cook's tour- anthony bourdain
    Tony's first novel about his first tv show was it was syndicated from the foodnetwork. I love seeing his early perspective. plus No Reservations had its final episode and Im already suffering. 
  12. herzog- saul bellow
    a classic about writing letters to everyone, living and dead who can inspire you to start your life again.
  13. innocence abroad- mark twain*
    more on this one later, it is part of a book club I am in. 
good book
everyone likes books 
enjoy the winter,


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