Thursday, December 13, 2012

Basic Portuguese Lesson

I miss learning, yes I only finished my semester maybe 2 weeks ago, but I miss learning. Education nerd problems. 

And if that is not enough, you are probably thinking, Rachael, I thought you spoke Spanish... Well I do. Now comes the confession...

I miss Chile so much I am avoiding talking about it. 

I never thought that would happen, and I am sure it will wear off quickly, but it is strange to feel so passionately about something that you get choked up when you hear Spanish. This is really material for another blog post so I will gloss over that as of right now and welcome you into my new passion.

Learning Portuguese! 
or maybe French!
or American Sign Language!
or Italian!

but for now... Portuguese! (I have commitment issues. I am working on it) 

So why Portuguese? 
listen to her!! 
  1. The language is beautiful
  2. The music is beautiful
  3. The people are beautiful (duh)
  4. My high school friend studied abroad there and introduced me to everything about it
  5. They are really nice (met some Brazilian guys in Argentina) 
  6. I love the colors of their flag
  7. Carnival 
  8. Céu (the musician, also the word for sky) 
  9. Have you seen pictures from all over the country?
  10. I don't need a reason!! 

Eu- me
like you just ate something nasty, eww
Vosê- you
vo say 
Voses- plural you (lots of yous!)
vo say s
Nós- us/we
nau ss, nau like the beginning of nautilus 
Oi- Hi
oye! or if you speak Spanish, hoy, same pronunciation 

Mini Conversation:
Tudo Bem- How are you?
bem obrigado/a- fine, thank you
e voce- and you?

até breve,


  1. you're cute.
    "there" is brazil, yes? do you have any interest in portugal?

  2. sipo. pero me gusta el dilecto de Brasil mejor.

  3. Well to each his own but i'm feeling portuguese from portugal is a bit better xD btw, you wrote in spanish!