Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Wallpaper is underrated. It is overlooked because it often has the cliche of being outdated and how many other compound words can I use in this sentence?  Old wallpaper used to be hand painted or woodcut block prints and then slowly progressed to screen printing on silk when it made its way to France from England. Wallpaper often rivals the woven tapestries from Asia and Africa but it makes it easier to display and more accessible because it can be purchased rather inexpensively.

Adding wallpaper to your life is easy. Sometimes you can even score free large book samples from paint stores. You can cover entire walls to overthrow the monotony of bold "unique" paint that seems to be everywhere now. Or you can use wallpaper to make dividers on walls in small rooms and not overpower the room. Be careful if you intend to hang in bathrooms, the steam can take the paper glue off.

Here I am sharing some of my favorite wallpaper prints (mostly found from pintrist)

metallic stag wallpaper #anthropologie

peacock wallpaper
wallpaper + sofawallpaper
Small world wallpaperWallpaper beautiful stripes
De Gournay, handpainted wallpaperFacial wallpaper. Nice.

Wallpaper design
Soprano Wallpaper - Gold

Porter's Paints Beetle wallpaper

Some of the best are large prints of insects or abnormal animals, but if you are more classic, stay with simple colors and just rock some texture. Just remember to be playful and be bold. Patters often match with other patterns and people always stray away from that. Metallics are also neutrals. Helpful hints. 

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