Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the home stretch

It's the final count down on my trip abroad.  I have 1 full day and one half day left in Stirling. . .the city I have grown to love more than my home town. Wednesday afternoon I leave for Belfast out of Glasgow. It's gonna be a bittersweet trip in Northern Ireland because I will be with most of the people I've become really close with over here, but I won't be in Scotland anymore except for a stress and fun-filled day in Glasgow on the 19th. I don't know how the time flew by so fast but it did. I have to start packing when I get back to my room today and I'm anticipating a lot of tears. I don't know how to readjust when I get back, and I'm terrified for my friends and family to see me in the state I know I'll be in when I get home.  I might extend my stay a little longer (in chicago) to visit with addie since it has been almost 6 months or so since I've seen her and i won't see her until summer most likely, and hopefully she will have the power to make me feel better about being home. i'm already feeling lost again right after finding myself in Scotland. Needlesss to say, it's gonna be an interesting xmas break.

lots of love,

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