Sunday, December 16, 2012

basic portuguese (2)

Is anything cuter than a little kid who can speak multiple languages? Maybe, I guess there are a lot of cute things in the world, like kittens, Jason Gordon Levitt or even better, Jason Gordon Levitt AND kittens...

(I must say, when I typed "jason gordon levitt +kitten" into google, I was not expecting this...)

Anyway, we know there are a lot of cute things in the world, but I still think this video of MariaJose, first language being Spanish, singing the color song she learned in preschool. And note the slight British accent she has. Precious.

So anyway, Portuguese lesson 2, the colors. I have been practicing the pronunciation in my mirror not looking or sounding nearly as cute as all of the above. But oh well.

Color- pronunciation
Vermelho - ver mellow
Azul- (just like Spanish A zoo l) but a softer almost slient L
Amarelo- ama relo (throw a bit of an Italian twist to it)
Roxo- ho show (attention! this one is quite different)
Laranja- la ran jah (italianish again)
Verde- (Attention! not like Spanish at all) veh hey jey
Branco- brranco (roll the Rs)
Preto- prreto (roll Rs)
Cinza (cin zah)
Marrom- mah home (get your black lady on and say "my home")

Boa sorte-

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