Friday, May 24, 2013

spring cleaning

I was going to post something about summer earlier this week...but I think I might just have to type up this little ditty I found in my room while doing my annual end of the school year spring cleaning :)

Random journal entry without a date (I'm approximating 8th grade on this one..) **no grammar/spelling edits**

"There are a lot of things you may not know about me.  I don't really tell everything but maybe your interested. lol. Well first off I like a lot of weird things.  I believe I should have lived back in the 1920s because I love a lot of things from back then. I'm fascinated by circus's and I like circus music and merry-go round music.  I just absolutely HATE clowns though.  I like watching all the jugglers and trapeze ppl and all the "freaks" (I don't know why I love that stuff) I also LOVE watching magic on TV and in person so I'm so fascinated by and I like to believe its real even though it isn't.  I also like reading mystery books because I like detective workd-hence the fact I like Nancy Drew games.  I could stay up for hours watching magic or nancy drew-ish type things.  I love to watch huge snow flakes fall outside very slowly but I dislike winter.  I also like to sled ride but never got a lot of chances to do it.  I also really enjoy sad-love movies that are actually worth watching and that aren't stupid (the notebook, a walk to remember) I could spend hours at an amusement park by myself or with a friend riding all the rides and rollercoasters and pigging out I would love to do that (especially at night when everything is so pretty and lit up) I've always wanted to live right on the beach and wake up every morning and put my feet in the warm sand and splash in the water and watch the sunset every night and go scuba diving.  I also think it would be very cool ro live in a lighthouse lol. I hate piano lessons yet I love playing the piano and making up songs. I like getting into really good books because I fell like I'm there and I can see everything and smell all the things that I imagine and I love having an imagination otherwards life would be boring.  I love to sing but get so nervous in front of ppl. I've always wanted to be in plays or a broadway actress but am to stage frightened."

Sometimes it's funny to look back on yourself a few years ago and see where you still stand with what you've said about yourself. Can't say much has changed here, I love how much I could find joy out of those simple pleasures while as i get older it seems to be harder to remember those little things that made me so content.



  1. I like reading the posts on this blog and guessing who wrote them.

    This one was so easy. :)