Wednesday, May 29, 2013

grave interests

memorial day is a day to remember soldiers we've lost in battle. a day to remember family members in the service. or just a day to remember dead friends and family.

this past memorial day my dad and i decided going on a little graveyard crawl would be fun. yes, fun. one of my creepy interests is exploring graveyards.  it's such a beautiful tradition, honouring the dead with plaques, stones, buildings, flowers. i give props to the first person who thought burial grounds were a good idea. graveyards are beautiful-and the older they are, the better. here are a few shots of our little adventure.

boarded-up chapel

mausoleum from afar

stained glass inside a mausoleum

lions guard the tomb

my great, great grandparents

out of death, comes life

grandpa's war memorial plate

grandpa's resting place and grandma's claimed spot

great great grandparents

great grandparents

my uncle ron

my dad's great grandparents

the chapel from the front
beautiful mausoleum

main cemetery mausoleum

hills xx

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