Monday, September 30, 2013

lather, rinse, repeat

It looks like the same form.  It looks like the same program. It looks like the same country. It is the same country, but it isn't the same country.

It's finally official, I've re-applied to study abroad for another semester at the University of Stirling after my completion of studying for 2 further semesters at Westminster.

Yep.  I'm lathering myself with Scottish shampoo again.  I'm repeating the second wash that a lot of study abroad students don't bother with.  I'm actually going back to the same school, in the same country, more than a year after my first journey abroad.

Some of the biggest questions/comments I've received are as follows:

"Will it be the same?"
"So, who's the guy you're going back for?"
"But you'll miss the last semester of your senior year!!"
"Aren't you sad to be leaving Westminster?"
"You aren't gonna graduate on time, are you?"
"Why do you wanna go back to the same country? Couldn't you go somewhere else?"
"Why do you want to leave Wesminster?"
"Won't you miss us?"

And the answer is always "Yes or No. It's the last chance all of my friends will be in the same place in the UK, and the classes fit my interests better. I also might want to live there someday so I need to go back to decide if that's still the case."

Everyone is getting a little fired up about it, but I haven't even been officially accepted.  Yes, I will miss a lot from back home, that's always going to be the case.  But I have the rest of my life to live in western PA...I've already been doing it for 21 years, I think it's okay if I leave for 4 months again.

So I'm lathering, rinsing, and repeating. And it feels pretty good.


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