Thursday, July 25, 2013

midnight in new orleans

some poetry i stumbled upon in my notebook from this past semester.

the first one is me screwing around with the idea that cliches are unacceptable along with my love of music lyrics and the second one was gatsby inspired. 

night holiday

the bright side of the sun
isn't just another tile
in the floor:
you can judge this record
by it's cover
if you've eclipsed the maroon.
complex isn't
as complex doesn't-
you're uncomfortably 

here you are,
i wish you'd leave,
it's all apples and oranges
'til then.
Walk like heaven
but don't forget
Them and Us
in the fish bowl.

Red wine lips grooved
to the trumpet,
her Charleston shoes shimmering
into oblivion.
Just a beautiful little fool 
with daisies in her eyes.

Intimacy colored
the swirling midnight,
sapphire black and diamond lily.

Minty smoke whiskied her ear,
 "Listen. . ."
The hollowed enchantment 
floated outside,
haunting the lonely wanderer.


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