Saturday, September 1, 2012

maybe this is how it is supposed to be

welcome to the ocean, would you like to play today?

can you smell it? the salt water? the tranquility? the peace? 
I can, that is what I do, I find a piece of peace and go there, and all is good. 

except the fish heads, be careful for those. 

there is something about this country that turns your perceptions upside down. no where else can make me feel this way, and that makes sense because you should only feel a certain way in a certain place.  

namaste. एक भाषा कभी भी काफ़ी नहीं होती

are you listening? do you understand what I am typing? Really understand? maybe I am fighting for something that is lost, a sense of earthly perfection (oxymoron noted) but have you listened to yourself breathe lately? maybe you should breath in and out with the waves of the ocean. 

Im not so sure what I am certain of anymore when it comes to earthly actions. the only certainty is death. how do we all plug along knowing this? why do we all plug along? no matter. let's just keep plugging. promise me you will.

i will.


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