Sunday, September 2, 2012

sitting, waiting, wishing

The day is finally here! After 7 solid months of preparing (or atleast trying to prepare...) I'm sitting at my gate for a flight to Chicago to catch a plane to London at the O'Hare Airport. Crazy.

I get extremely stressed out about airport security & baggage check so I almost went into a panic attack on the way over, but thankfully my parents were able to calm me down and reassure me that everything would work out. So after the three of us, like idiots, couldn't figure out where the check-in desks were, I finally got my luggage checked and tickets printed! I'm always scared that the airport workers are going to be so mean because everyone always complains about them, but honestly, i don't know if i've ever dealt with nicer people.  My luggage weighed under 50 pounds-HOLLA! (and I only checked one bag!), I easily bought a travel card and traded in my $$ for pounds, chatted with the security guy about flying internationally, got some breakfast and ate with both of my parents for the first time in maybe 5 years. Security also went brilliantly (I'm gonna start using UK slang now, k?) and now I'm taking some time to breathe before I get on my first flight. I'm feeling a lot better about everything now and I can't wait to hear English accents when I step off my plane in London. . .and maybe I'll even run into one of the One Direction members....a girl can dream.

happy september!

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