Monday, September 10, 2012

turbulent tea time

This was a conversation I was forced to overhear/be a part of today.

Girl: "What Pinochet did wasn't all just his fault, like he had other people help him"
Me: "Yes, but when you are the face of a military coup d'état, you should be ready to shoulder the blame for  what happened, because you are showing that your support your 'cause' with your life."
Girl: "But it's not like what Bush did, he was responsible for a war."
Me: "...."
Girl: "He was the one who was in charge of starting the war in the middle east, Pinochet had help"
Me: ".... I don't agree with you at all."
Girl: "...."
Me: "..........."
Girl: "................"
Me: "... gotta go work on home work."
Girl: *starts talking about the party she went to the other weekend*

Gotta love United States citizens, volunteering for the armed services (more or less defense and protection) while a democratically elected President, with the approval of congress, launching into a war (whether I feel the war was justified or not...) being compared to a military overthrow of a democratically elected socialist leader, under the name of one man who takes the responsibility of murdering 3.000 innocent citizen of his own country in the name of forced armed 'democracy'.



blogs are for passive aggressive ranting,

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