Friday, September 14, 2012

All things happy

I hope everyone in the world is happy. I am happy. Let me show you why I am happy.
That's right weones y weonas... THE HAPPY LIST

If you are new to this blog or new to the concept of the Happy List, why let me explain: I was introduced to the happy list by a friend who was introduced by a friend who got it from his friend from his other friend and she got is from some guy named Adam. There is a little facebook group (one of the only reasons I check my facebook) that is the hub for all things happy. The description is simple:

All those who participate and want to share the healing properties of the happy list, a daily practice invlolving the recording of fifteen things that make you happy and shareing with freinds! Introduced to me by adam drummer the true creator of the happy list.

Here is an older post of my happy list. And with out further ado... here is my September edition.

1.) Singing 'Buenos Dias' with Mina (our cook/maid) during breakfast that welcomes the day
2.) Baking sweet apple pie 'squintchy' muffin tops at 11:30pm
3.) "Siempre me quedara, la voz suave del mar..."
4.) Hippie Cerros and pizza plans
5.) Belting Bob Dylan and screamin' them harmonies
6.) The feeling of walking on steamy tile after getting a much needed shower.
7.) Receiving back massages as an apology for telling sarcastic jokes in a foreign language
8.) Teaching precious Chilean teenage boys English
9.) Mountains, mountains, mountains
10.) Conducting an orchestra during dope presentations while drinking yerba tea
11.) That's the way it goes, traveling on
12.) Let's see the sea because ocean dog does what ocean dog wants
13.) Lemongrass warming tea
14.) Living here, not there or there, but here, now
15.) The following pictures...

Panda dance? 

share the road!!
super long syntax problems. 

just trying to write a poem with sancho poncho. 
 lots of lub,

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