Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Happy List

Today is simple. Today is wonderful. The breeze is dancing the curls around my face. The grass is greener and my professor let us out of class early because she is pregnant.

With that being said dear reader, (I did learn that term today in class, when a character steps back and addresses the audience, it is called the fourth wall) I will contnue my tradition of The Happy List.

  1. Opening windows. I know why the caged bird sings mentality. It is making me type fast so I can then run back outside.
  2. Leaving pictures behind for others. Mountains and a Psalms quote for Chrissy.
  3. Jack Johnson's live version of Bubble Toes/Express Yourself
  4. Riiiiiiiiicola
  5. Climbing in the morining. Well all the time, but it seems like a treat before classes.
  6. "But it's not what you look like when your doing what your doing, it's what your doing when your doing what you look like your doing." I just can't get that out of mi cabeza
  7. Meerkating
  8. On the huntdown for the juggling freshman
  9. Rock and Ice magazines filed as if they are important office documents (they are!)
  10. Chillin' in Chile while eating Chili

    god speed,

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