Thursday, February 2, 2012

artist of the day

today's artist: coldplay

today's artist is coldplay. today was kinda windy and rainy. it was significantly colder than the 60 degree weather yesterday. i took 2 naps back to back. i drank tea. i read a depressing novel. 2 sad things happened to 2 different friends. it's andrew scott miller day. so what better artist than coldplay? coldplay is one of the those bands that can make me feel happy when i'm sad...but if i'm feeling sad and antisocial and don't necessarily want to feel happy, i can still listen to certain coldplay songs. and by doing so, i feel like chris martin knows exactly how i'm feeling at that moment and lets me know it's okay to be sad sometimes. so here you have it. one of my favs from the new album, "paradise."

take a nap,

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