Thursday, February 9, 2012

burn one down

There is something that is so pure about atmosphere.  The words exchanged, the decisions made, the ideas thought and the emotions felt are real.  Often times I wonder about the quote, "it's not the location that makes the place, its the people who make the place."  Is that true? Life in its purest and most simple form allows happiness anywhere but since when has life been pure and simple?  This is not a pessimistic rant, or I hope it is not read in that way, but as a college student, life can be described in two words... complicated. 
Everyday begins and ends with same combination of thoughts and reactions.  The days blend together but there are two things (for I cannot find a better word than 'things') that make the moment/day/week memorable, and that happens to be 1. People and 2. The Atmosphere.  When the indieattic has visitors, the three of us are on our A game.  When the sunlight streams through the prayerflags adorning my window and I snooze my alarm just one more time, just to lay in my bed, awake, enjoying the hillsidian sun. 
Lets combine the two aspects of intentional living... and that would be setting the atmosphere with the people whom I cherish...

burn one down,

(don't tell our RA)

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