Sunday, February 5, 2012

breathe in. breathe out.

overwhelmed. i spend a majority of my life feeling overwhelmed. and the way i escape the feeling is by making myself take numerous naps throughout the week. but then the feeling just gets worse when i wake up. sometimes i think sleeping will solve all of my problems because i enter a dreamland where i can do whatever i want. and sometimes i don't want that dreamland to be over. 

so here's the point of this post. i vow to not let myself get overwhelmed this semester. no more naps when i should be writing a paper or finishing a HW assignment. yes, i have about 200 pages of reading a week and hardly any free time to breathe...but i gotta remember to relax and enjoy every second that i'm still in school, surrounded by friends, not worrying too much about money, and knowing that my titan card will most likely get me food until the end of the semester. 

sometimes you just have to sit down. evaluate your life. figure out if you're actually super busy and bogged down with work, or if you're just making the things you have to do seem so much worse than they actually are. breathe. drink a coffee. enjoy your reading assignments. put on your favorite album and let the creativity flow.  we're young and should be enjoying life. worrying is for old people.

happy thoughts,

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