Friday, February 24, 2012

The Desk Diaries... A Special Edition

So here we are, in the middle of the semester. And in our current state of mind(s) I thought it would be appropriate to look at the current state of our desks. 

Hillary's Desk

  1. Here we see a relatively tidy desk, some new and may I add highly illegal christmas lights (and you are right, they are not just for christmas anymore) 
  2. A nice neat little stack of books on the left side is quite minute compared to the other English book stacks. From my desk I can see about three different of knee high stacks. 
  3. The Peace, Love and Ron Paul sticker is a nice touch along with the other little quotes and letters and pictures. 

 My Desk

  1. My desk is usually quite clean (I promise mom) but the only things that seem to clutter my desk... things I don't need or just distract me from my homework.  Like a box of nose rings, a yellow globe, a composition notebook and waay too many bizarro comics. 
  2. I also like to see how many stickers or magnets or pictures or flowers or notecards into one space.
Kelcey's Desk

  1. Well, her it is folks. Climbing harness and shoes (No, I did not force Kelc into climbing Mom...) a computer on top of a mountain of papers and papers and tshirts and coffee mugs and earrings and letters and wallets and make up and picture frames... 
  2. I think Kelcey's desk reflects how my brain looks. thats my girl. 
There you have it.
Go clean you room, 

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