Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What did the lumberjack say about the mathematician who couldn’t dance?

... "Man, that guy needs to learn some logarithm."

anyway. I have been in a very intense lumberjack kick lately. and with that being said, i have been perpetually dressed like a lumberjack, maybe it's lumberjill...? Some basic facts about this wardrobe, the flannel was thrifted at the Salvation Army in close proximity to Pine Springs Camp ground, the leggings have a hole in the left knee area, the sock are burnt orange nordic print, my knifty (see what i did there?) sister, Justine, knitted the tube scarf for me and the boots are old LLBean i happened to filch from my Ma and are a size too small but i have worn them so much they have stretched into a comfortable size.

I was on my way to math class (yes, with the professor I have a husband crush on) and made some green zen tea to go along with the cool morning. no jacket, beautiful weather. 
 the little smilie bicycle pin is from EMS where i signed a petition to help expand the roads in central PA for more biking friendly routs. 

In the honor of lumberjack fascination, lets go plant a tree :)
keep it real, 

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