Monday, September 24, 2012

Carne: Fiestas Patrias

If you are a vegetarian, you should turn away now. Maybe it's too late, maybe you have seen the pictures of the stripped animal carcasses, crisping over a nice toasty fire, watching the fat drip off the animal, sizzling as it hits the hot wood. Or maybe you haven't and I just ruined it for you after I tried to protect you. Trust me, if you are a vegetarian, that is your prerogative, go for it, believe in something, that's great! But let me also tell you about my asado.  

In the campo of Valparaiso, in Casa Blanca, the wine and beer flows freely and the meat is served in two portions: too much and more. Families gather from afar to celebrate Chile's independence from Spain (the land of the oppressors) and this week long event is full of hugs and good food. Being a HUGE Anthony Bourdain fan, I have been waiting to experience a South American asado for a long time, and I would have to say Uncle Tony would be proud of this one. I was so blessed with this experience and feel very welcome in this country. 

Eating cordero (lamb) and watching the professionals at work, tying up the animal onto the metal cross 

This man was awesome, he was just throwing his knife is places that looked like bones and ribs and he cut everything perfectly. 

Me (the only girl) learning how to cut lamb and the correct parts to place in which part of the fire. 


mmmm, can you smell it? It's almost done!

there it is, what a beautiful thing, so delicious

Pata de chancho or pig leg (BONUS: hoof included) nice and crudo

lets imagine thick cut fatty bacon, raw and salted. mmmm

In the words of Anthony Bourdain, “If some Birkenstock-wearing knucklehead driving around in a SUV and wearing sneakers someone was sold into slavery to make is sniffling about the poor animals, that person is clearly never going to experience the world.”

And let me tell you, I experienced the world, the world of meat and kite flying and playing soccer with babies, oh now that you mention babies, here are some more pictures that have nothing to do with meat...

 just flying some kites

Valentina, the cutest little muffin you have ever seen.

playing futbol with the kids in South America

SURPRISE! one more meat pic, just enjoying some aji flavored pork. 

eat, drink, and be merry, 
feliz dia de patrias

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  1. That looks awesome! I am also a huge Bourdain fan! I love watching his show. Your adventure looks delicious....I'm hungry!!!