Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the desk diaries: scotland edition

belgian cidre for a night in with me, myself, and i. a free chalice from the student union so i can feel classy even when i'm drinking a glass of water. 2 tangerines from south africa. a pretty mug i bought for one pound because i can't live without tea (yep, i have turned into a tea drinker seeing as i haven't had coffee for 11 days!). A shot glass also given to me from the union...i think my new school has more alcoholics than my last. and the essential highlighters, sharpies, & markers for keeping up with school work. Keys, because i literally have 5 keys to different things on this campus.

the macbook pro...obvi can't go anywhere without this baby. that little card on my mac is my hall card. yep, for some reason i have to present my hall card (not student ID) every time i enter my building. and that's after i open the door with my room key. the funny thing about this campus is that there are no quiet hours and my kitchen is filled with 10-20 empty handles of liquor each morning, yet they have the strictest visitation rules and entry rules. all i really care about is my beauty sleep but unfortunately it looks like i won't be getting a lot of that this semester (at least judging from the past 4 nights). My mac is my only form of communicating with the outside world so i love love love it dearly.

to the right in this picture is a pile of hundreds of flyers i have received during freshers week. thank god freshers week is almost over! My desk light gives the room some ambiance since i yet again can't burn candles.  the only 3 pictures i brought with me include: me & derek at a very young age, a high school pic of me, em & alex, and halloween last year with my two lovely roommates rach & kelc. the kleenex box is there for various reasons including but not limited to: allergies (which actually don't exist here for me.... :D ), the "freshers flu", getting teary-eyed at the end of a scrubs ep, missing home, and using as a plate for my PB&Js since i don't have plates.

the atmosphere i have at stirling is a 180 from good old westminnie but i think it's important for me to embrace the differences and adjust accordingly. this is all a learning experience, and i knew going into it that the first week at stirling was going to be rough. but on a lighter & more positive note, i'm in love with the campus academic buildings and the student union. there are so many places to get food when i'm hanging out on the other side of the loch. i also think i could take lap after lap around our loch/campus because it is so beautiful. sometimes i can't believe i'm really here because the scenery feels like a fairy tale. 

this journey for me will be about embracing the loneliness, which comes in various forms when you study abroad. i can already tell this experience is going to change my life in the most positive way possible.


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