Saturday, March 3, 2012

spring break/song of the day

Spring Break. Drunk every day. Half-naked every day.  Surrounded by horny college students every day.  Wet t-shirt contests every night. Waking up in a strange bed every morning. Typical college spring break, right? wrong.

Sure, some college students go to Panama City or Miami or Las Vegas or California for Spring Break. But not me.  Spring break is called a "break" for a reason.  It's meant to be a week of relaxation.  Get away from your homework for a bit. Sleep in. Recuperate. Read a book you actually want to. Veg out in front of the TV. Clean out your life.  Journal on a daily basis. Get back into an exercise swing.  Eat some healthy food.  Catch up with family members. Maybe see some high school friends.  Or go on a work trip. Do something for someone else. Get closer with nature. Get closer with God.

I think everyone needs a mental break every once in a while. And this spring break is mine.  my school year has been insane and it's time that i take a complete break from everything.  I have a LOT to do over break, but none of it will be a burden.  Reflection. Relaxation.  Meditation.  Exercise.  Baking.  Sewing. Crafting. Painting. Visiting.  Reading. TV-ing.  Applying.  Guitar-ing. I couldn't be more happy to have this time to myself.  Call me selfish, but i think it's important to hang out with yourself sometimes. So that's what i'm gonna do.  Shutting off my cell phone. Forgetting about facebook. Sitting outside. Writing some letters. Just doing things I don't have time to do at school.  I'm taking a break from life.

Here's the song of the day. no artist. just a song this time.

happy spring,

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