Saturday, November 17, 2012

getting there.

 a lot of travelers/adventurers like to talk about the journey. the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, its not the destination that matters, but how you get there, etc.

so why is that all everyone talks about? you know people only want to see the pictures of the beautiful destinations. I will return and people will ask, how was Chile? and my answer will be, I can't even begin to describe... so I will just show them pictures. there is no harm in this, actually, I love doing just that, but what I will always remember most, like all the other travelers around me, is the journey of how I got from place to place. I will always love picture endings (take my last blog post as an example) but this post is devoted to middle stuff.

so imagine you are cloud watching, harmlessly watching the shapes and forms go by. what a simple, enjoyable pass time. but imagine, something else catches your eye. the blue between. that piece of forgotten blue sky that you missed because you were concentrating on the clouds. that is traveling. you take something simple, like walking up a mountain path and you find it takes your thoughts far past placing one foot after the other. watching is a big part of hiking. the above pictures were candids of the watching process.

sometimes you have a very easy task set in front of you, something you have done for years, and for some reason, your mind has a hiccup and you psych yourself out.  

but then you remember to breathe, and the easy things, become easy again. 

traveling is a lot about teamwork and choosing a traveling partner is a big decision. sometimes its the right one, sometimes it's not the right one. sometimes its okay for the other person, but not right for you. but working together is inevitable. one could argue that living ones life is full of teamwork and it is nice to escape that once in a while. then we introduce the solo traveler. 

on my many trips, i often meet the solo traveler. these people usually end up being my favorites of the bunch because I idolize them. I have never long time solo traveled. Soloing in a mental game that comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. I am feeling a solo trip coming up in future, I believe it is time, the traveling gods have given me the okay. 

and then sometimes it feels like you are doing all the work. not a solo travel, but these are the times you wish you were soloing. these moments are the lowest of the low for me. I love to work together, I love to help out, but a major downfall of my personality is positive affirmation. i have no solution for this, i am still searching and growing. 

then there are the times when other people do everything for you. you just sit back and enjoy the beauty of generous people. these moments refresh you and inspire you to do the same to others in the end, maybe i just answered my question from above. I am pretty sure selfless love is the answer to all. 

 sometimes we even get lost. or we often get lost. 

but we just remember that, no matter where you go, there you are. 

get out there, 


  1. I miss my traveling,earthy cousin.... And you dont fool me... studying haha! Right! Stay safe see you in less than a month! Bring me home something cool too!!! :)