Thursday, January 16, 2014

Poetry Corner: An Ode to the 8th Grade

I have been doing some more winter cleaning today, namely going through old school files that I've been keeping in a rubbermaid container.  I found some poetry I wrote in 8th grade and I couldn't resist sharing it.  Funny how different we were in our past, but also how not too much has changed. . .we've really only matured in our personalities.

This is a picture of young 12-year-old Hillary, who loved dolphins and photoshoots, obvi.

Fall (a poem)

Leaves are falling
Halloweens coming

Weather getting cold
leave colors bold

lots to do
on a fall afternoon

never to get bored
for fall is in store.

A Hero

Heroes are gallant
They ride on great steeds
but they don't have to be a king or queen

They can be you parents
or even your friends too
it can be your pet, its true!

Ode to the Steelers

Oh Steelers, Oh Steelers,
please win the Superbowl.
With Polamalu on defense
I know we can start a brawl
I know we can win
the 40th Superbowl.
I have no doubt, for we have Roethlisburger as well.
The Bus will stop the Seahawks,
dead in their tracks
I know we can do it
for we are the Steelers,
Mighty, brave, and strong.

Friendships are like a Book

Sometimes they last for ages,
at times they can be quite short

Sometimes your made to have them
because your parents make sure you do

Sometimes they can bore you like crazy
or fascinate you so much

They can be lifely and colorful
but dull and colorless just as much

You can get sick of them
when you're halfway through

Or want it to last forever
and never make you sad and blue

Sometimes they're short and sweet
or long and annoying its true

They can be adventurous and fun
or fake and unrealistic, too

None are ever the same
and may have a twist at the end,

but eventually you'll find,
one that is a true book or friend.

Summer Daydreams

Sitting in class I get so bored
I'm getting sick of these winter storms.
I often dream of a summer night
when I stare up at the sky with the stars shining bright.
I picture a pool with all my friend there
we're splashing & swimming without a care.
Now we're back at my house camping out
and all of a sudden we hear a shout
I run out of my tent to see who is there,
and its just one of my friends trying to give me a scare.
My mind flashes to vacation at the beach
I step on the hot sand and start to screech
so I run to the water and splash around
Oh how I wish I was at the beach now.
All of a sudden I see balloons and clowns
I'm at the fair with everyone in town.
My friends & I run to the nearest stand
and wait for the old man to stamp our hands.
Ice cream, lemonade and cotton candy thats blue
we even ride the ferris wheel too
and then I remember that I'm in school
and the teacher stares at me like I'm a fool
"sorry," I say as I look out at the snow.
Summer daydreams have started - its time for winter to go.

And for fun, another little ditty I found: 30 Thing I Learned in 2005

1. Make sure the hot tub is heated before you get in it in 40 degree weather.
2. Look both ways before you cross the road.
3. Don't get caught trying to finish your homework during that class.
4. Never go to Wal-Mart on the 4th of July.
5. I don't like AOL.
6. Never pull a prank on your older brother.
7. Don't eat raw mushrooms - ever.
8. Make sure you're good at sight reading when your band teacher is in a bad mood.
9. Never fall asleep at a sleepover; you never know what you could wake up with.
10. Don't ask you mom to go to Wendy's if she had a bad day.
11. Asking your brother a question while he's playing X-Box is not a very good idea.
12. Don't eat yellow snow.
13. Don't cut your hands 3 times in one week - the bandaids may run out fast.
14. Wearing sandals when it's high tide, night time, and you're looking for ghost crabs in NOT a smart idea.
15. Try not to get separated in haunted houses.
16. Check if there's anything in the oven BEFORE you turn it on.
17. Don't leave your cat locked in the porch - there will be a big, smelly mess.
18. Soy banana milkshakes are gross - don't buy one by accident.
19. S'mores are very delightful in the microwave.
20. Throwing socks at a ceiling fan is entertaining on a hot summer day.
21. Don't lay in the middle of the street in New Wilmington.
22. Make sure your swimming suit is completely on before diving in.
23. Don't underestimate the saying of your parents having eyes in the back of their heads.
24. Sometimes, 10 blankets isn't enough when you sleep on the porch.
25. Don't forget to unplug your straightener before you go to school.
26. Too much sparkly cider on New Year's Eve can make you hyper.
27. Don't drink Dunkin' Donuts biggest Iced Latte in one night - you'll be up till 3 in the morning sick to your stomach.
28. Bring gloves to football games.
29. Don't be the first one on a water slide train of people - it hurts.
30. My advice: sing in the rain and dance in your underwear; you only have one life to live :)

Happy Throwback Thursday, y'all

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