Thursday, February 13, 2014

A tree branch in the road. . .

      As I sit here on a sunny Scotland morning, (yes, it’s actually sunny!) I can’t help but think about why it was so easy for me to make a return trip to this country.  I’ve never been too great at reading signs.  Everyone always tells me to “look for a sign from God, and then you will have direction in your life.” While this is a true statement to some degree, because there is a clear path to heaven, it doesn't mean He has a clear path for what you will spend the rest of your life doing while living on earth.  

        I like to think God gives us a choice; there are many forks during our life’s road trip and we have the power to make a decision which leads to different experiences but will eventually result in the same ending point or life purpose.  He knows our hearts, our personalities, our strengths, our weaknesses - and because of this, he knows the ultimate reason for our earthly life but he doesn’t limit the way to reach the end result to one specific journey.

I have trouble making decisions whether it’s what drink to order at a coffee shop, which pair of running shoes will be the best for my workout routine, what to do for a summer vacation, whether or not to pursue graduate school or look for a job after graduation, or where I can see myself settling down in the future.  Some of these are pretty simple decisions, but others not so much.  Decisions aren’t easy for a reason; they force us to think about the good and bad consequences and to focus on our heart’s desires.  Sometimes spontaneity is the best answer because we don’t bog ourselves down with all of the “what if,” “how,” and “when” questions.  Regardless, we have a choice.  God doesn’t send us a letter in the mail with all of the answers, it is up to us to discover where He is leading us whether we spend time making a choice, or go out on a whim without looking back or looking too forward.

I know God has placed me in Scotland again for a reason and now it’s time to listen: during a walk around the castle grounds, a train ride to Edinburgh, or a quiet morning with paper and a pen allowing my thoughts to come together.  I know He has given me options: leave on my scheduled flight, extend my stay until my visa expires, look for a job and apply for a work visa, continue research on Scottish literature at graduate school, or get married in the next four months (kidding, Dad and Mom).  Jokes aside, He has given me these options and this location for a greater purpose and now it is up to me to make a decision so I can fulfill my calling.  There will be success, failure, disappointment, encouragement, love and hate but each situation and each decision will mold me into the person He has made me to be-and that’s terrifyingly exciting.  And that’s life.


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