Thursday, October 11, 2012

artist of the day: friend of a friend

So I have a friend named Scott. The video below is of a guy who is not named Scott. Scott left a convincing message on our ISA facebook wall about how we should watch thisvideoofafriend, well... just read it:

This is my best friend, and he's in this singer song writer concurso. Anyways, watch (and if willing) like his video. And then if you're extra daring, share the video. Really appreciate it. 

Anyway, I like Scott, seeing that I called him my friend just a few sentences earlier, and come on, he threatened me, "extra daring" well folks, that's me! Here is what I know about the artist of the day... 

His name: Brian McMaster. 
He is friends with Scott.
He plays the guitar.
Sometimes he wears hats.
He likes to sing at either 4:00 in the morning or the afternoon.
I think he likes surfing, maybe just a little bit. 
He is a good guitar player with a passionate voice that has a good blend of lilting high notes and the correct amount of grit and rawness. 
I think we have the same guitar. 

Thank goodness for true musicians. No more synthetic pop lamentation of materialism, crude language, corruption, no self respect and assimilating behavior; lets bring it back to the roots my friends, take a nod to Joplin, Baez or Dylan, be your own musician. 

Brian McMaster everyone, 

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