Tuesday, October 2, 2012

how to be a proper american in great britain

these are rules to live by in the UK (mainly Scotland obvi)
i wish i would've known some of this stuff before i got here, but it's all about the cultural experience right?


1. always have the right amount of change for the bus fare. if you're paying with a 5 pound note, you need to remember you'll look like a complete yank (north american)

2. always know what you want to order when you're at the pub. don't ask questions. confidently say "pint of strongbow, please." also, never be too specific when ordering a drink, if you say "pint of strongbow cider," they'll know you're American. It happened to me twice.

3. never call the "american" college, college. college in the UK is high school (more specifically England) and university (or uni for short) is their "college."

4. football is football. played with your feet. don't EVER call it soccer. american football is our football.

5. the weekends are meant to be spent indoors with flatmates and friends from uni. all of the locals & older folk go out to the pubs on the weekend, not the students. if you're a boy, FNF (friday night fifa) is spent indoors video-gaming for hours...some UFC might be involved and if you're a girl, you might be lucky enough to get invited (there might be some slight sarcasm in the last remark). tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays and the occasional monday are spent either at the pub or club. always pub first, club last. dusk tuesdays, fubar thursdays. cape, budda, or sportsters beforehand and if you're daring a local pub or a "hipster" bar.

6. slang tips: rubbish bin, not trash/garbage can, lift=elevator or car ride, way out=exit, round ours=come over to our flat, flat=apartment, cheers=thanks, pounds=dollars, quid=dollars, pants=underwear, trousers=pants, jumper=hoodie, joggies=sweats, pub=bar, grub/nosh=food, munchies/nibbles=snacks, fair enough=okay, oy=oh man, aye=yes, bevvy=drink, knackered=tired, fit=cool/awesome, gingin=gross, brilliant=wonderful, mum=mom, da/pa=dad, chat=talk, quality=great/excellent, toasties=grilled cheese sandwiches, fancy dress=costumes

7. don't make eye contact with strangers for longer than 1 second. they will automatically assume you are into them or want to talk to them. you'll get hit on by creepy men. (this is more for my lady friends)

8. when you go out, normal clothes is not acceptable. you must wear the shortest skirt you own, a belly shirt, and heels that will most likely kill you on the cobblestone roads. and if it's 40 degrees outside, you can still go without a jacket. completely acceptable. also make sure your hair looks like you just went through a wind tunnel.

9. if you talk really loud and obnoxiously, people will think you're stupid. and also american. keep your voice level down, and try no to say "like" or use a valley girl voice. you WILL be judged.

10. refrain from telling anyone you're in a sorority.

11. look good every day. there is no such thing as yoga pants or sweat pants in class, unless you are an athlete and have a sport practice to attend. jeans and hoodies are also considered sloppy dress.

12. don't take pictures of everything you see or think is "cool". automatic tourist.

these are all the ones i can think of at the moment! happy tuesday!


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