Friday, May 4, 2012

i'll give it a shot

this is what happens when you don't get along with technology. i have tried, oh believe me, to become tech-savvy. but no cigar.
don't get me wrong, i like technology (for the most part) i do hate the fact that our printer will not print out my final papers that are due tomorrow morning, incurring an unnecessary trip to the library early in the morning. but there are some thing i really enjoy about the modern tech.

1. Blogging. Duh.
2. Pintrest. Too much fun
3. Instagram (for iPhones)

now, i am not smart enough to have an iPhone, nor do i have enough money. but if i did, i would take so many pictures all of the time.

but seeing as i have a LD/MR (is that insensitive?) phone, i decided that i needed to find my own way to 'instagram' my photos. i am not crazy about online photo editing and always feel like others over-do-it.

my goal was to find a way to alter my photographs in a natural way, one that would still showcase the natural beauty of the photo and ability of the photographer. so i was looking around theindieattic for things with texture, mainly to just take photos with and i stumbled upon my large collection of tights... yes, i have too many, now that's out there in the open, we can proceed and see what i came up with...

purple lace tights gives a sepia-like tone
i stretched tights of multiple shades and patterns over the lens of my camera , enough to play with the color but not mess with the focus. not bad iPhone, eh?

theindieattic through black lace tights

some more lace, a bit more abstract, why not?

purple haze, inside the attic

go get your imagination on
take a picture, call me lata, duh.

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