Wednesday, May 23, 2012

there and back again, a summer tail by rachael dawn.

my summer begins. catching up on hills posts inspired me to drop my bags fully packed and breathe before I unpack everything I own.  the past few weeks have been a blur of ups and downs, beautiful pleasures and terrifying moments. the summary of my schedule so far:
  1. finals week. self explanatory, though I did get a 95% on my math final. much better than my last test... did someone say 57%? 
  2. Marah. a beautiful westminster gal's parents were killed in an instantaneous head on collision on their way to pick Marah up. although these are moments of pain and sorrow, it shows us what a community of love exists at our school. 
  3. virginia. immediately after my math final, I jumped into a van, crashed at a random guys house and hiked for 2 days on the trail head of Damascus on the Appalachian trail. 
  4. north carolina. smelly from the AT, it was off to NC for some dangerously crazy fun white water kayaking on the the rivergreen. met chris gallaway, famous documentary maker and 'yaker who taught my to paddle. also met dantheman.
  5. Jenny. a titan traverse veteran, lost her mom (on mother's day) to a midnight motorcycle crash. 
  6. back. to westminster to car pull to Jenny's mom's viewing. pain like this should not be public, or exist at all. 
  7. shower. from pain to love, I went to my sisters bridal shower and helped her accept gifts (something she cannot do) and tell her that even if that picture frame was $100 it is a wedding gift and she must thank them for it. 
  8. state college. caught a ride with my sister to her new house in center of the state. crashed on her couch and ate Chipotle burritos with her fiance. 
  9. the man. stayed with my other half at his house. when he picked me up he gave me roses from his garden in an energy drink bottle. he just makes me feel better. picked flowers for him mom, got attacked by ducks and watched the princess bride. as you wish Rob, as you wish.  
  10. there and back again. now I am just waiting to be picked up from Justine's by ma and dad. who knows what else is in store. 
pictures from my various trips are in the works. here is a teaser photo. 

may flowers and sometimes showers, 

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