Sunday, May 20, 2012

summertime and the livings easy

here it is. the second official week of summer for those Westminster peeps.  and i'm starting to drift into that weepy mood where you realize that you won't be seeing most of your friends for a very long time. and for kelcey, rach and me, it's an extremely long time.  thankfully i'll be at Westminnie the first week of classes, but then i won't see anyone again until january...that's almost like...A YEAR! AH. 

basically, i'm freaking out because i don't have anything to do this summer because A) i haven't applied for a job B) most of my high school friends will be out of town C) neither of my parents are taking a vacation because they are helping me pay for scotland and D) i need to save money, so therefore, i'll probs be stuck at home most of this summer until i find a job.

last summer i said i would NEVER spend another year in good ole new wilmy, but alas, here i sit in my kitchen.  maybe it's because deep at the core i'm terrified to explore by myself. maybe it's because i'm too attached to my roots. maybe it's because i'm scared that i'll find a place so awesome, i'll never want to come home. whatever the reason, i'm here and i only have myself to blame.

here's my plan.  i'm gonna do things i have lost touch with since high school because of the crazy amounts of awesomeness that happens at college. i'm gonna start working out again on a daily basis (alex taylor and i have already been doing extreme ab workouts...), i'm gonna eat lots of fruits and vegetables, start doing yoga twice a week, read books for pleasure (i have a goal of 25 books this summer...adding a list at the bottom), starting cooking dinner each night (already started doing this and I LOVE IT), write letters to people far away, finish re-doing my room, get a nice tan by spending lots of time outside, and apply for 12 scholarships for scotland.

so here's to another summer in my hometown. i may not want to be here, but i'm gonna do my best to make it a successful & happy summer full of self-improvement. next year i vow to be out of this town for a month or 2. scotland kinda screwed everything up, but i'm not complaining. 

happy summer,

summer reading list:

1. just in case - meg rosoff (DONE)
2. mockingjay - suzanne collins
3. the stranger - albert camus
4. the complete collection of sherlock holmes
5. the complete collection of edgar allen poe
6. slaughterhouse five - kurt vonnegut
7. the catcher in the rye -J.D. salinger
8. 1984 - george orwell
9. the mysterious affair at styles - agatha christie
10. the princess bride - william goldman
11. the kite runner - khaled hosseini
12. a thousand splendid suns - khaled hosseini
13. the shining - stephen king
14. salem's lot -stephen king
15. eat, pray, love -elizabeth gilbert
16. into the wild - jon krakauer
17. sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs: a low culture manifesto - chuck klosterman
18. blue like jazz - donald miller
19. the best of me - nicholas sparks
20. have a little faith - mitch albom
21. after the funeral - agatha chrisite
22. extras - scott westerfeld
23. another side of paradise - f. scott fitzgerald
24. hallowe'en party - agatha christie
25. lock and key - sarah dessen

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