Wednesday, May 23, 2012

song/artist/album of the day

yes, ladies and gents. it's that time of the every 2-3 year period that Mr. Mayer releases a new album...
This song off "born and raised" (released today) is called "love is a verb" and it's probs my favorite so far after a 3 complete listens of the album. the lyrics are just...wonderful (as usual). i like how he pretty much makes fun of Ke$ha and T Swift. Yes. He's finally getting back at her for writing "Dear John" (thank the Lord). Ke$ha reference: "love ain't a drug; despite what you've heard"; T Swift reference: "love ain't a thing." (also, sorry it's live...this is the only youtube version i could find)
So go buy the album. It will make your day. Promise. I honestly was nervous to listen to it because the reviews made it sound SO country and western style but actually, it might almost be as good as Continuum....My only complaint is it could use one more really uptempo song. But I think for John, it's a good transition into real adulthood after his whole Rolling Stone scandal a few years ago. Still love ya John. You're great. Just please cut your hair and stop looking like a bad version of Johnny Depp. Not working for ya...(oh ps I just posted this on my personal blog, so i copy and pasted...) :
 if i had to make a JM top 10...
i figured since his new album “born and raised” was released today (and is WAYYYY better than I expected…shoulda listened to rolling stone..) i would make a top 10 of my fav john mayer songs. so here is my list. it’s subject to change…(this is only including his past albums, not the new one)
1. in your atmosphere
2. gravity
3. clarity
4. stop this train
5. why georgia
6. slowing dancing in a burning room
7. who says
8. edge of desire
9. i don’t trust myself (with loving you)
10. comfortable
and some essential hits: no such thing, your body is a wonderland, belief, vultures, something’s missing
**album ranking** 
1. continuum
2. heavier things
4. battle studies
5. room for squares
my predictions for “born and raised”: the album will be moved to slot #2, possibly #1.  songs that have the potential for top 10: love is a verb, queen of california, if i ever get around to living, speak for me, something like olivia
soothe your soul with JM,

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