Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a rose by any other name probably would not smell as sweet.

so i have been feeling sentimental lately. there are so many things going on around me that are just oozing with love and strong feelings. i am just going to make a little list, because what cannot be solved with a list? 
  1. my sister's wedding (clearly some love going on there)
  2. my best friends being so far away (okay, distance is relative but they are not living with me anymore)
  3. my man being so far away (i guess this is normal for our relationship but i will never get used to it)
  4. leaving my mamma (she is loosing my sister to Rich and me to South America)

sentimental love can turn cliche quickly; but the thing about cliches, they are cliche for a reason... because they are often desired no matter how hard we try to deny them. i mean, what girl doesn't want their man to show up with roses? (Especially when they are in a monster energy drink bottle and the roses are hand picked from rose bushes in his back yard) 

and recently i was looking for craft projects on etsy, something to occupy my time while i sit a home in a slight boredom. and i realized the unique handmade rings were really fascinating. i recommend searching them sometime (maybe a future blog post) but i wanted to make something unique and i saw some wire sitting on my desk (and no this is not strange, probably the most normal thing on my desk) so i decided to curl some wire. 

the first two roses feature two wire curled rings, the out of focus one is a spiral knot, the close one is clearly spun into an RW (you decided if they are my initials or Rob's)

the dried flowers are from a wedding i shot at and the carnations are from the Spanish and Education Honors Societies and the white rose is from my sisters. 

i and love and you. could be turned into a necklace. 

gotta love my artist studio/bedroom that was taken over by an explosion of art supplies
cliches: rings, love, flowers, iconic color change in photos, 'artsy' shots...
the list could go on, but the best thing is that it doesn't matter. if love makes you happy, go with it. 

happiness is only real when shared, 

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