Tuesday, December 27, 2011

artist of the day

today's artist: Kid Cudi

Today's artist is Kid Cudi.  The weird thing about today's artist is I had no idea what happened this Christmas.  When I went to look up this video to put on the blog (because it might possibly be my fav Cudi song), i saw a bunch of comments about some Ben Breedlove person, and how his video led them to Cudi's. I was confused because I'd never heard of this kid, nor did I know why everyone was talking about him and adding "RIP" to almost all the comments. So of course I googled Ben Breedlove to find out that he was just an average, 18 year-old boy with a heart condition who died this Christmas day, but made these 2 videos just the week before, bringing up his favorite rapper Kid Cudi and his favorite song "Mr. Rager"

So I watched the videos, and of course, started crying. Sometimes I struggle with my faith, so when I watch videos like this, it kinda smacks me in the face.  His story is inspiring and really makes me believe that there has to be a God out there, right? I just can't look past stuff like this...

So, yes, it was just a coincidence that I wanted to pick Kid Cudi today since he is my favorite rapper and I bought one of his albums yesterday, but maybe it's not a coincidence that I was led to Ben's videos and newspaper articles about his death.  

Listen to Cudi. Yes, he sings about marijuana a lot, but who cares? his beats are great and the overall message is, too. Cudi is a musical inspiration. 

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