Friday, December 30, 2011

artist of the day

today's artist: Skrillex

Dubstep. It's all the rage recently in the US.  But for those of you who didn't know, it actually was popular in the UK 4 years ago, right around the time the tv show 'Skins' aired its first season.  And like usual, the US is behind on the times, and unless you were like me watching UK television as a junior in high school, you wouldn't have heard about Dubstep music until this guy. Skrillex. He's probably one of the best, and he is the first Dubstep artist to become popular in the US. This is his most popular song, and it can be heard being played in all the Frat houses at Westminster. I'm not complaining. Because I'm quite a fan of Dubstep. :)

turn up the bass,

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