Sunday, December 18, 2011

home is whenever i'm with you

hola! welcome to the indie attic blog. rachael, kelcey and i collaboratively decided to make a blog for your (and our) own enjoyment.  it will be filled with day dreams, music finds, art inspirations, creative writing and some other fun surprises along the way.  for all of you who know i have a tumblr, rachael and i thought blogspot would be a bit classier and simpler for our purposes (sorry tumblr! i love you!)

anyway, this is an outlet for creative thoughts and an update for you about our lives separately, and together :)  we hope you gain something from reading this-whether it's a new song on your itunes, a new insight on a worldly event, or a new book in your library. at the same time we want to give you a little taste of what goes on up in the indie attic-from late night conversation to weekend jam sessions. enjoy!

hill :D

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