Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Tis the Season for... defecation?

Every family has certain holiday traditions, some cliche, some strange. However, I had yet to encounter such a hilarious and slightly revolting tradition until I stumbled upon (that phrase seems to have lost its poignancy)that of the Catalan custom of Caga Tio. Translation? Oh yes, The Pooping Log. I will share the finer points of this tradition. 

  • Young Spanish children find a hollow log and stand it up on two legs, paint a face, stick on a nose and top with a barretina or a red sock hat. 
  • Starting on December 8th, the log should be "fed" every night until Christmas Day when it is appropriately, thrown in the fireplace.
  • While cute little Caga Tio is being burnt to a crisp, children should beat the log with a stick, demanding it to poop. 
  • Well let me tell you, this poop happens to be candies, nuts, dry figs, and turrones (almond nougat) 
  • When the log is done "producing" candy, it poops out a clove of garlic. 

This tradition sure is something. 

Enjoy that candy, 

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