Sunday, July 8, 2012

Come on yall, get happy.

The Happy List 

  1. black and white photographs
  2. arranging rearranging re-rearranging my room
  3. art nouveau 
  4. pop rock, *muah*
  5. francisco, francisco
  6. blue can make you blue
  7. coral lips of luscious puckering ability 
  8. that moment where you find that music beat that in in sync with your heart
  9. coffee mornings and cool white snuggle sheet moments
  10. mangy monkey mooching mango madness v pesky pernicious papaya pilfering puppies

and your bonus happy fact....
11. "Beards on the chins of the weak and undeserving make them hot"

go tell someone you appreciate them,
and take a few black and white photos,

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