Sunday, July 22, 2012

los andes

this post is already difficult to write. code switching. I want to write this in Espanol. but lamentations aside, this was what I woke up to. our delayed flight to Santiago (after 7 flight changes and refusing to allow us to board) was so satisfying. not to mention the adorable Paulita that I sat with. she told me el espiritu de Christo connected us and she told me everything there is to know about her country. she moved to the USA 23 years ago but visits her familia in Santiago a lot. the man Meghan sat beside wrote the audio tour for the Valparaiso Pablo Neruda house museum. life is really, really awesome. 

this is the opening stretch of los andes and la cordillera (which means backbone) that stretches all through South America and Central America and supports the other mountain ranges. being a geography nerd comes in handy when in a country that is known for its natural features. 

Mount Aconcagua. it has been one of my dreams to climb the tallest mountain in the Americas, standing at 6,959 m (22,831 ft) but from the global climate change, who know how tall it will be. so feast your eyes on this beauty. breathe in this beautiful sunrise (salida de sol)

un lago (a lake) under los andes about 7 minutes away from the Santiago airport. there is a phrase in Espanol that means from sunrise to sunset, de sol a sol, from dawn to dusk. such an appropriate phrase for Chileans who are so welcoming to every aspect of their life, ready and willing to exchange a compliment or a conversation. needless to say, i love it her. 

stay beautiful, 

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